[Story] The Ghostclaw – Sath’alor’s Journal

I’m worried about Nessna patrolling. She insists that it’s perfectly safe, and she would go regardless of what I think. (Which I figured anyway.) Ty is with her, which does make me feel a little better, but not a lot. I just mean that he doesn’t have any training in healing, especially in that area. Nessna has been going to all of her visits, I always go with her and I asked about it and she said that it’s fine too. I think they’re working together or something. I mean, she said she patrolled with Rylad up until right before, and he turned out fine, but the Ghostlands are also a lot more dangerous than Eversong. Obviously she has a lot more experience with it than I do, but I still worry. What if she gets bitten by something? Or breathes toxic spores or something? I read in a book that if you breathe mushroom spores it can be bad, and there are a lot of mushrooms in the woods, especially once it starts getting cooler and wetter. Nessna can still fit into her armor but I think pretty soon she won’t. Maybe she’ll stop patrolling then? I need to help her thing of names, too. Isandri had a whole list ready, maybe I should ask her for ideas. I didn’t think I’d have to be thinking of a name for anyone anytime soon. It’s a big responsibility, you can’t just name it “Smokey” or “Juniper” like you can with a cat, it has to be a real elf name. Maybe we could use part of Vessen’s name but that might be weird.

Aeramin came by, I think to see his father but he ended up not going to talk to him after all. I’m not sure what’s going on there. But he told me that the new recruit, Julan, has been going into Silvermoon a lot. Not usually a big deal, but he’s been going to see his old friends on Murder Row. I know I can’t tell people what to do with their off time, but I do share Aeramin’s concerns about it. The Row is never a safe place, and it’s especially dangerous right now given what is happening to some of the guys there. I’d think Julan would want to stay well away from that. And, it doesn’t exactly reflect well on our unit (especially me) to have my rangers spending time there. We are looked down upon enough by people there, it doesn’t really help. Aeramin thinks he’s lonely, which I can understand. He’s left behind all of his friends and doesn’t really fit in very well here yet. I don’t know what to suggest other than to keep trying. I know the girls like him, Lin has been doing well with his training. There aren’t any single guys here aside from Orledin, who he won’t even consider because, well you know. So I talked about Julan starting to learn the patrol routes, that will help keep his mind focused maybe. I also brought up the idea of him training an animal, it’s not for everyone but it would give him a goal and some company, even if it’s not a person. Believe me, I was thankful to have my cats with me when I was feeling alone, so maybe it would help him too. He agreed to read some books about it, so that might work out. I didn’t say anything, but I’m not sure why Aeramin is going with him to the Row anyway. If you’ve got in trouble for that kind of thing before, why would you do it again? I don’t understand Aeramin sometimes. He says he doesn’t stay there, but still — why even take the chance?


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  1. He should totally suggest Smokey and Juniper as names for the baby.

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