[Story] The Ghostclaw – Linarelle’s Journal

I’ve been spending more time with our mother. It’s strange to see that written down, and it still feels a little strange to say it. I think it does for her, too, but she’s certainly trying at least. This week she invited me to visit the offices of the Reliquary, she has a lot of contact with them through her projects. She goes all around the world digging up lost artifacts and things and writing reports about them. I think that’s a pretty interesting job, and she was happy to talk about it. When Aeramin’s human found her, she was at a dig in Uldum. It sounds so exotic, I wonder if I could ever go there one day. The offices have all sorts of things on display there, things that people have found, a couple were even things that she helped to find. Her name wasn’t on them though, it was the professor that she’s been working with for a long time. She says they aren’t together like that, but who knows, maybe in the future. It’s strange to think I could have been so close to seeing something of hers without knowing it. Of course, I’ve never been into the offices here before, but I could have. Im is still being stubborn and doesn’t want to see her, she says she understands but she must be hurt by it. I wish he’d at least try. He has a right to be upset but I don’t think he should just reject her like that, without even giving her a chance. It’s not as if he’s never done anything stupid, either.

Speaking of Im being stupid, I was talking with Kavia at dinner the other night. Sunashe was working with his lizard, I watched for a while but I got hungry so I came in. Kavia seems to really like Im a lot, she said so, but she doesn’t really know how to proceed. I agree, it’s a really complicated situation, I wish I had some good advice for her. Honestly I can’t imagine having to share Sunashe with someone else, let alone someone like Aeramin. Kavia seemed surprised when I told her that they’d had problems before, the thing with Lyorri’s mother wasn’t the first time. I also told her that I didn’t think Im was very good at pursuing people and she might have to take a little initiative there, it’s easy enough to find him with the other blood knights. Of course, there are usually a fair number of people around, so it’s not exactly the best situation. But at least they could get to talk more. Julan came in from his practice, too. I gave him a crossbow to use, and he’s done pretty well with it. The nice thing about a crossbow is the student can concentrate more on accuracy than proper form, I know Sunashe would have a fit about it but Julan is my student now and I say it’s fine. Once he’s comfortable with a crossbow, then he can move up to a standard bow if he wishes. He still watches Sunashe, I don’t really know what to think about that. It makes me a little nervous, I guess, I doubt that anything would ever happen but I do worry. I do appreciate all of the lines he gives me though. I always try them on Sunashe in the evening and he usually asks me if Julan made them up and I say “no” but I think he knows anyway. If he minds he’s never said anything about it. There was one particularly bad one and I wrote that onto his note for his pack. I told Kavia to report back on how red his ears got when he read it. I would bet pretty red!

Julan feels a bit lonely out here, unfortunately I don’t know any single guys who might be interested. He’s very against the idea of even flirting with Orledin, which I guess I can understand. But he wouldn’t have to actually do anything! We told him about the parties in the city, there are some that you can attend without being invited, at the larger ones near the bazaar. Kavia suggested the school, but I think they might be a little too young. Though there will be the mask party soon, so I guess Julan can look then.


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