[Story] Fairsong Academy – Renner’s Journal

I haven’t been doing terribly much since the trouble happened. I’ve gone to see Sanimir where the blues are keeping him, and he seems secure, but I can’t help but blame myself. I know Zarah blames me too. I’ve not heard much from her either, I assume that she’s busy working with her timewalker. Hethurin hasn’t had much time for lessons, not that he needs many. He’s adopted two small girls and had his wedding recently, so he’s mostly been focused on that. I guess that once fall classes resume, he’ll have a more steady schedule and be ready to practice again. But I have been working with Des, and she’s making good progress. I’d like to take her on another trip, similar to the one in Booty Bay, to test her ability. But somewhere nicer, with better food and fewer goblins. Zalindri is still in the foundation of her studies, so I’ve not spoken with her yet other than passing hallway conversation. I hope that Hethurin hasn’t forgotten about her. And last night I had another student ask me to look at my books.

As I said, it gets a bit boring without any lessons, so I’ve found other ways to pass time during the day. Usually that’s looking along the timelines of students here at the school, and people in the area. Babies are especially fun because theirs can vary so widely, and there are a lot of babies around here. But I’ve also looked at his, the one who goes by “Lhoris” here, and I have my doubts about whether he is really a student at all, or here for another reason. Still, I didn’t see in harm in letting him look at my bookshelf, most of them were probably far too advanced for someone still in basic magic studies, however. He asked a lot of questions, mostly the same ones that everyone asks at first, and mostly about his own future. I don’t worry about him casting anything on his own, I’ve never seen him cast anything at all. He and the clockmaker are puzzles, nothing in their timeline suggests a reason for them to be here. Unless I look closer to the present, but it always feels invasive, as if they’d somehow know. They don’t, but I feel guilty anyway. I don’t see any reason for concern though, no more than anyone else at least. Magister Firewind is the one with some secrets lurking in his past.

I’ve been thinking about the one who opened the portal to Draenor, as well. When we visited there, we saw his corpse but it had not reverted to his true shape. I’ve never seen such a thing happen before, and it makes me wonder. I’d like to go back to find out more, but Hethurin hated that place. Admittedly, I can understand why, but maybe I’ll go without him this time. Zarah probably knows more, if she’d talk to me, that is.

One Response to [Story] Fairsong Academy – Renner’s Journal

  1. aww Hethurin would go if he asked!
    And yes, Aeramin has secrets. Shhh.

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