[Story] Fairsong Academy – Loralinde’s Diary

Keyalenn asked me to eat dinner with him, not in the usual area but he had Tik set up a table out in the garden, a little one for just us. It was really romantic and beautiful with all of the flowers all in bloom. There were roasted vegetables and fried fish, Tik makes it really well with all of the spices in the coating. I think it’s the best fish I’ve ever had. We talked a lot about school at first, about the wedding and how nice it was and whether they’ll have a fall party. He says they do. My school always had a big masked ball and everyone wore costumes, Keyalenn said they had one here last year but he was ill and didn’t get to go. That’s sad! I hope he will be able to make it this year. I haven’t any idea what I want for my mask yet, it should be something really nice. I don’t have very many robes because Mother said I’m here to learn and not to wear pretty dresses. Still, maybe she could be convinced to send one or two. I feel like a little plain sparrow next to his beautiful robes. He said he wants to go into the city to buy more, his parents must have a lot of money. But he said they aren’t looking to arrange anything for him, so I guess Xarola was mistaken on that. Well, he said that his father sometimes asks him about girls, so maybe they are looking after all. I know that any girl they find would be delighted to be arranged with someone like him so it does worry me a bit. Keyalenn said he’s supposed to find someone on his own, but that seems a little strange to me, especially for someone from a good family. But it’s definitely too soon to be asking, from the sound of it, so I’ll just have to wait and hope they don’t find someone. Xarola said I should make his parents pick me, but I don’t know how to do that. I don’t want to seem like I’m trying to do that. He also said he’s thinking about staying here at the school after he passes, to help teach the frost classes. That would be nice! Though I’m sure I couldn’t concentrate on my work if he was the teacher, it’s already bad enough trying to do my papers just thinking about him. If he was actually there… I know it wouldn’t happen. Especially now! He kissed me, I was so nervous I thought I would die. I’ve never kissed anyone so I don’t know if I did it right or not. I must have because he wanted to again. It makes my ears red just writing that. Xarola said that Des has actually touched someone’s ears and done more than that, so I’ll try to ask her about it. I hope she’s not too embarrassed to talk about it. In the meantime, I borrowed one of Xarola’s books, the boy in it is a blond mage so I can pretend it’s Keyalenn. Oh and he’s having a painting done, it’s of us fighting a troll or something, I mean it’s a little strange but he was really excited about it. We’re going to go see it soon, he said I can make any changes if I want to, like the color of the spells. I am not sure which I should do, I like fire so far but it would be so exciting having him as my teacher for frost… I don’t know. Maybe the two different colors would be nice too. When it’s done I’ll be able to hang it on my wall and look at him all the time, but I feel bad because he won’t have anything to look at.

Oh! And there’s also some exciting news in the ghost hunt: I used my communing board the other night and the marker went to the letter “M”. That must mean that the ghost’s name starts with M. I’m going to go through the records and try to see which one it might be. How exciting!


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