[Story] Fairsong Academy – Loralinde’s Diary

I talked with the girls about the party. Usually that helps me figure things out but I only came away more confused than before. If Keyalenn’s parents have already found him someone, that might be why he didn’t want to kiss me or hasn’t talked to me much after. It would make sense, after all. I can’t think of another reason besides that I had really bad breath or my hair looked awful or something. Xarola and Des said that wasn’t the case, well, at least about my hair. They didn’t smell my breath! They said he was probably afraid to tell me. I’d rather he did so at least I would know instead of wondering about it all the time. Xarola promised to ask Vynlorin, the boys like to all meet upstairs in their little area and he can ask Keyalenn there. I’d rather he just tell me but it was already too late to tell her not to, besides I do want to know. I just hope it’s not too awkward after.

I haven’t written to my parents about it yet. I did write, but it was just normal things about the school and my room and such. I didn’t mention the ghosts, either, I think they would not approve. It’s just a hobby of mine anyway! That’s another thing I need to ask Keyalenn, whether he’s written any entries into his ghost journal. I found a few more things to try, for example ghosts are supposed to like the smoke of a certain herb when you burn it. Of course I’d have to ask Tik or the Magister about that I think, so they don’t worry that the school is on fire or something. I plan to buy some the next time I go into Silvermoon, one of the stalls must carry it. Xarola said she might be able to find some in the woods, because she and Vynlorin go and look for plants there a lot, for her mother to sell. I hope she can find some, that would be a lot simpler. I will need to compare it to the drawing in the book to make sure it’s the right one. I think the ghosts might get upset if I use the wrong kind of herb. It’s supposed to calm them and make them more likely to communicate. I don’t really think our ghosts are upset, but maybe they are. I still haven’t seen any.

Magister Firewind gave everyone a quiz. Mine was fairly simple, as I’m just starting out and I’m not doing advanced spells yet. I thought I did okay, but most people didn’t do very well. They said that he tested them on things he hasn’t even covered yet! I don’t really think that’s fair, but he explained that it wouldn’t count for our grade, and was more just to see how much we know. That makes me feel a bit better, but in that case he should have told us beforehand, or not called it a quiz or something!


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