[OOC] Legion

The next expansion is going to be about the Legion. I have to say Blizzard did a pretty good job of keeping things under wraps this time. Initially I was pretty disappointed, it’s not really anything new in terms of characters and it seems, to me, very disjointed and sort of a feeling of “let’s throw everything in that people said they wanted”. There aren’t any new class combos, which is the biggest thing that would have got me excited. Of course, a lot can and will change between now and launch, so for now I am mildly curious.

One thing I am happy about is the elf focus. The islands we’ll visit are ancient elf lands, and the new Demon Hunter class is only available to elves. And since it takes place in our actual world, I hope it’ll inspire some new storylines for my elves, especially the kaldorei as they’ve felt a little neglected since Cataclysm. I am not someone who was super keen for Demon Hunters, but I’ll certainly make one to try the class out. I wish they had a ranged or healing spec, as I’m not really a fan of melee, but maybe he can tank. My plan is to make an “alternate universe” version of Harrier, since he’s a rogue and would make a very handsome demon hunter 😉 I’ve already reserved his actual name, so he’ll be using that.

I’m not very keen on becoming a big leader once again, I think it works great in single player games, or MMOs with a strong story focus such as FFXIV and SWTOR. But not so much in WoW. I think the game would need to be reworked to allow for that kind of focus. Also really not happy about a raid set in the Emerald Dream — the whole reason you can play a druid in WoW is because they were all awakened, and are unable to return. If my druid could go back whenever he felt like it, you bet he would! And the idea of orcs stomping around it just feels wrong.


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