[Story] Liara’s Journal

I am not sure what I expected. I knew I couldn’t just show up and everything would be fine. I knew there would be questions, and I’ve thought a long time about what the answers are. I admit, I thought it would be easier to just stay out of their lives and let them forget, but I was curious. I wanted to see them. They were so small then, it’s hard to believe they’re the same babies. I’ve missed everything, and I know I can’t make up for that. I can only be here now, if they want me to be. At some point I’ll need to return to the expedition, but we have some research to be done in Silvermoon, and that will take some time. I don’t want to give up my work, either. Does that sound selfish? It probably does. But I wouldn’t expect them to change their lives for me.

Lin is a ranger. She’s working in the Ghostlands, they’ve established a unit there and they patrol the forest to keep back the Scourge. She says there aren’t many now, mostly they deal with the local animals, but it’s still important. More than anything, I think it makes people feel safer to know they are there. I didn’t get to see her shoot her bow. I hope I can, maybe she will show me if I ask. She seems to want to get to know me, though she’s a bit wary. That’s understandable. I had dinner with her and her ranger husband. Well, they aren’t married yet, but they live together and they will be soon. He’s very handsome and seems sweet, though he mostly wanted to talk about his lizard. I kept trying to ask about them and he kept going back to that. I mean, it is interesting, I can’t say I’ve ever seen one up close before. He mentioned that they have some magical ability, they are able to blink in a manner similar to a mage. I wonder if they have been fully studied, he mentioned they were in some books but I suspect they aren’t since they are located in Outland. It’s an interesting possibility for the Professor, though neither of us really specialize in biology. Maybe he knows someone who would like to study them. I’d like to spend more time with them, especially with her. Maybe we can be friends, if nothing else.

I am less sure about Imralion. He was angry and accusing. He’s right, though. I don’t have any answers as to why I did what I did, and he deserves some. I will try again, because I didn’t come all this way to give up that easily, but I can’t force him. It’s his own choice to make. He looks so much like his father! I’m sure he wouldn’t want to know that. That reminds me, Lin wishes to go to the Spire to make a claim for his estate. He died in the war, and had no legitimate heirs, so if they can prove their relation, it should go to them. Me being there will certainly help their case, of course I’ll have to prove who I am but I still have my old documents. It felt wrong to get rid of them, even back then. Money won’t fix things, but it certainly will make things easier. Lin said that Im lives with a mage who works at the magic academy here. She suggested that I might try looking there for them. It’s away from the city and quieter, and maybe Im will have calmed down by then. We’ll see.


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