[Story] Fairsong Academy – Loralinde’s Diary

I don’t know if my dress was fancy enough, especially after seeing everyone else’s! If I had known everyone would have super fancy ones, I would have saved up and bought one in the city. But I put some flowers on with wire, which I think made it look nice. I used white flowers with blue and gold ribbons so it would match the wedding colors. I also put some in my hair, I wired them onto a clip and then put that in. Xarola helped me get it just right. I was a little nervous because I was going to dance with Keyalenn! I’ve been thinking about it and imagining what it would be like and whether or not he’s a good dancer. I mean, he said he is, but sometimes guys say things like that just to impress people and it’s not really true.

It was by far the fanciest wedding I’ve been to, I’ve been to some in the city but this was even nicer. Especially because it was outside in the garden, there are small gardens there but nothing like this. Everything was decorated with flowers and ribbons and there were even little carved wood dragons on the tables, they were so cute! I can’t even imagine how they found the time to do all of it. The Headmaster is always so busy with the school, and Terellion is always baking and working out in the garden. Oh, the cake was so beautiful too! He is so talented, I bet he could open up a bakery in the city if he wanted to. And Tik is such a great chef, I probably ate about three whole plates of those spinach rolls. Everything else was good too, but those were the best. Keyalenn said he makes them for every party. The next one will likely be in the fall, I hope it’s a masked party. He said there was one last year. Those were always my favorite, it’s so fun to try to guess who everyone is! We talked about that a little. Keyalenn suggested we could go as ghosts, but he had the idea of putting flour all over, and I’m not sure if that would work very well. Especially when you try to wash it out! I suggested that maybe we could just get white masks and wear all white clothes to look like ghosts. He thought the real ghosts might be upset by that, I guess that’s true. I don’t want to do anything to upset them, I am still hoping one will talk to me, or at least show that it’s listening. Keyalenn said sometimes there are cold spots in his room because I said that’s a common sign of ghosts. I said that he should write down any time he has any ghost experiences, like a ghost journal. I promised to give him a list of common signs, too. I hope he is able to have some! It would be great to have another person making a ghost journal. Although I have to admit I’m a little jealous if he really has a ghost in his room, I don’t have one in mine! And of course I don’t think there are any ghosts in the new house, if I end up living in there.

We finally got to dance, I thought he might never ask! He’s really good, too. I think my ears were bright red. He didn’t kiss me though, I had hoped he might but he didn’t. Maybe there were too many people around. We danced for a few songs, he told me about the instruments and how he’d enchanted them. He also had an enchanted candle that was floating in the air. It was really good! I think that would be very useful for decorations or just making light, but he thought it might be dangerous if it fell and caught on fire. I guess that’s true. Keyalenn also said that he wanted to study to become an archmage. Can you imagine! Every girl will want to dance with him then. I hope it’s not for a while so I at least can until then.

He said he wanted to show me something in the ballroom, but he had to wait until more people had left. He said it was a surprise, but I couldn’t imagine what it might be! A while later it was quieter, some people had gone out to walk in the garden so we went inside to the ballroom. We kind of had to sneak so it made me wonder if we weren’t supposed to be in there. He sat at the piano and played a song, he also sang along. It took me a little while to realize that it was about me, I don’t remember the words exactly but it was really nice. It’s pretty much the most romantic thing ever. I know my ears were really red then! I can’t believe he actually made it up himself, he’s so talented. He’s a good mage and a good dancer and good at music and making up songs. I still don’t know if he’s a good kisser but I bet he is!


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  1. Aww, he was shy and afraid of being rejected in front of everyone!

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