[Story] Imralion’s Journal

Someone asked for me at the office, I thought at first it was one of the people I’d talked to on the Row, finally bringing me something useful. If they really want help, why won’t they tell me anything? But as soon as I saw her, I knew that wasn’t why she had come. Actually, I think I really knew before she said anything, because she looked so much like Lin that it was eerie. She asked if we could talk and I said okay, we went around outside so it was a little more private. It’s not really, but it’s definitely better than the middle of the office. She said her name was Liara and she was our mother, a human mage had come to find her in the middle of Uldum. What was she doing there? I guess she works with archaeology excavations or something.

I had a lot of questions. I wanted to know how come she never came to look for us herself, why did Aeramin have to hire somebody to do it? How could she take money and just forget about us? If our father was such a jerk, why was she with him in the first place? I was angry, I couldn’t help it. She cried and then I felt bad about it, but still angry. She said she didn’t have any excuse for it, just that she thought we’d be better not knowing. She said she knew that the Matron would take good care of us, and I guess that part is true. I mean, we’re both doing okay for ourselves. Would it have been better with her? I can’t say for sure. Maybe she’s right about that, but it doesn’t make it hurt any less that she could just walk away like that. She said she wants to know us now if we’re willing. She also asked a lot about Lin, she already knew about the rangers but I gave her the actual address. Not that there’s a lot of other ranger units out there, but still. I don’t know how Lin is going to feel about it, I still don’t know how I feel about it. Aeramin’s father was a different case, because he did a lot of awful things to him. Our mother didn’t, she just gave us to someone else and then walked away. But I don’t think she really wanted to. It’s a lot to take in all at once. I told her I had to think about it, in reality I want to talk to Aeramin about it. Maybe we can invite her over, I don’t know, but then I’ll have to explain the situation with him and Lyorri.

And Kavia. Although I don’t know if there’s anything there to explain. We talked a little bit at the wedding, but Aeramin was sitting right there most of the time. Like a parent or something. He did tell me to dance with her, which we did. I’m really not very good at dancing, the Matron tried to get us to learn, but it was just her and a bunch of kids who really weren’t interested in holding hands with a girl. Maybe I ought to get actual lessons. She said it was okay, but then she had to go off to talk to her friends, she was probably telling them about how bad a dancer I am. Or Lin was telling her stories about when I was little, or something. Aeramin thinks it’s no big deal, but he doesn’t have any sisters so he doesn’t know how bad it is when girls get together and talk. He was grumbling because he didn’t like having his hair in a braid, but I thought it was cute. He said that Hethurin made him do that so his hair wouldn’t look better than his. I don’t know if that’s actually true or not, it’s pretty funny if it is. His robes were white and gold, they were really fancy and they must have cost a ton. I can’t imagine how much Hethurin must have spent on this thing, it’s bigger than any I’ve seen — even in Silvermoon. Still it seems like he had a good time, aside from the passing out. Aeramin said he was wearing too many robes, which is probably true, also that he didn’t eat enough.


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