[Story] Fairsong Academy – Terellion’s Journal

Everything went great! The garden looked so fancy. I can’t believe he really hired twenty guys to hold their swords up in a tunnel, but he actually did. He also arrived in a carriage with six white hawkstriders. I bet they probably pooped all over, but thankfully Tik cleaned it up before anyone noticed. The only bad thing was that Hethurin did faint at one point, probably because he didn’t enough food last night like he was supposed to. I mentioned it to Lani, even though I really didn’t have to because I know she’s a healer and she knows about stuff like that. Still I wanted to make sure she did, just in case, but I know Hethurin can be stubborn and he probably didn’t want to. Or he just ate cake or something. I bet he hasn’t even had any real food since yesterday. He and Malwen stayed at Lani’s house, she looked so adorable in her dress with her hair done up. She put the flower petals everywhere, she took her job very seriously. Narise was cute too but she didn’t have a job, thankfully she didn’t cry though. I mean, it would have been okay if she did, because sometimes babies cry, but I know Hethurin was kind of worried about that.

I don’t really think she knew what was going on, aside from all of the people being there. Last night we didn’t really do anything unusual, I fed her and gave her a bath and then we walked around outside in the garden to check on Tik and see if there was anything he needed done at the last minute. He didn’t, so we went back inside and I read her some books out of the library. The students were all really excited too. I was, although I mean it already happened so this was just for show. I was still a little nervous of course, but not too much. I think Hethurin was way more nervous than anyone, he was so afraid something would go wrong. I was really worried when he fainted, luckily Aeramin and I were able to catch him so he didn’t get hurt. Malwen was really scared, too. I got him to eat some spinach rolls and cheese, and I think that helped. I wanted him to drink some water but he said he didn’t want to have to go to the restroom all night. I’d rather that than have him fainting!

We’re just going for a short trip. It’ll be difficult being away from the girls, but I know they’re going to have a lot of fun with Mother. They’ve settled into their new house and my sisters are excited about having a little friend to play with. They’re already planning out new hair styles they can try out on her. I bet she’ll love it. They also still have some dolls, so they can talk about those too. Or whatever it is that girls talk about. Malwen was really interested in the hawkstriders. I hope Lilithel doesn’t let her ride any! I think they’re just a little bit too dangerous still. We had the idea of getting her a toy one that she can ride for now, then maybe in a few years we can find a really old and slow one, who won’t throw her off. Still, they’re so high off the ground, it makes me nervous just to think about it. I know Malwen wouldn’t be afraid, but I would!

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