[Story] Homecoming

Waiting was the most difficult part. It gave Liara the chance to imagine everything that could go wrong, in varying scenarios. She didn’t know what had become of their father, nor did she particularly care, though she did worry that he might be receiving similar news and going to meet them as well. If he even would, Liara thought it likely that he would just pretend they didn’t exist, just as he had before. They were only an inconvenience that had to be taken care of discreetly. Even now, his words stirred the anger that had been buried for decades. She’d told herself so many times that it was the right choice, that it was the best thing for the babies in spite of what she wanted, that she had convinced herself it was true. But now she doubted all over again. And she would have to explain it to them. Liara wasn’t sure if she could do that.

The strange human who had brought the news was trained in magic — they had a conversation about Liara’s work and he seemed genuinely interested. She suggested some books that he might look for in the Stormwind library once he returned, that might cover the Professor’s past discoveries that she had assisted. He explained that his own area of interest was in curses, which Liara found a bit morbid, but it was as valuable area of study as any other. He became notably more animated as he told her about the curses of jungle trolls in Stranglethorn, and Scourge-based curses from the Plaguelands. Liara promised to write if she should discover any ancient Uldum spells that looked similar. She believed it was very likely, they simply hadn’t been translated yet. It was a very painstaking process, and mistakes were easy to make if one was careless. Unfortunately, the young mage did not feel confident enough to open a portal to Silvermoon. He was apologetic, but Liara did not want to take the risk of an accident now. They would wait for a mage to arrive, and she would return that way. They were certainly taking their time about it! Liara thought they should perhaps have offered more money. That would have motivated a quicker response, no doubt.

Her mind raced ahead, preparing for what lay ahead. What did they look like now? Would the boy resemble his father? It would be strange, but she wouldn’t care any less for him if it were true. Would the girl look like her? She would most likely find Im first; the strange human said that he worked in Silvermoon with the blood knights. From what she understood, this was a prestigious organization. He must have practiced and studied hard to pass their tests. Lin belonged to a small rangers’ unit in the Ghostlands, patrolling the area to keep it safe for residents now that the Scourge were mostly cleared out. It was difficult to imagine her sweet, soft little girl with a ribbon in her hair as a ranger now. What could she possibly say to make up for leaving? She didn’t know. Maybe it would never be enough, but she at least had to try. She wanted to see them.

The mage did not arrive until after supper, where Liara had pushed things around her plate but eaten very little. Thankfully, the human mage was all too happy to eat it. Liara took her small pack full of clothes and wished the Professor well before she stepped through the waiting portal into Silvermoon.


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