[Screenshots] Togruta Day!

The togruta patch was delayed due to bugs, but thankfully it was only one day! I love them so I was really excited that they would be playable. I figured we’d have to wait until the big update (in October) so it was an awesome surprise to get them this soon!

I race-changed my existing Smuggler, his old race was kinda blah.


And then I also rolled a new Consular, because my current one was my first character and I picked Sage, which I really have a tough time with for leveling. This one is going to be a Shadow — which is the tanky spec, so she’ll have it a lot easier. The first one I made had almost the same colors as Tihan, so I rerolled her before she got too high 😉 There were so many baby Togruta running around Tython, haha.


And while it wasn’t new with this patch, it was my first time using the outfit editor. It’s really easy to make outfits, though you can’t copy the appearance from your bank. Not a big deal though! I’m super happy with Kazta’s look now.



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