[Story] Preparations

I finally got Kes her ring. It wasn’t easy though! I thought maybe she wouldn’t want it or something. I practically had to drag her into the jewelry shop. We’d gone into the city to buy Hethurin’s wedding gift. I had to bring all of the gold I’ve been saving up, because I wasn’t sure exactly how much the ring was going to cost. I felt anxious carrying that much around with me, I tied the bag to the inside of my vest so I’d feel it if anyone tried to steal it from me. Though I guess they could have cut a hole or something, but thankfully that didn’t happen. We were mostly in the market, where there are patrollers, but you never know. Losing the money would have been really awful and I’ve had to start saving all over again.

We bought robes for Hethurin and Terellion, not mage robes but the kind you wear when you get out of the bath. They were really thick and fluffy, we got one blue and one white. I hope they’re just the right shade of blue, Kes said that Hethurin is being a little picky about that, but she seemed to think it would be okay. We got them to sew the letters on, HF and TF, and that took a while for them to finish. They did it right there! The girls who work there obviously get a lot of practice at sewing on letters, but it was still pretty amazing. I was worried that the jewelry shop would be closed by the time we were finished, I don’t know if they close early or something.

Lyorri also needed a dress, so we had to go to one of the baby shops. There are a lot of those but Kes found one that she liked. We both agreed it shouldn’t have too many ruffles because it would scratch her too much and also because Lyorri would just chew on them. The one we found was cute, but not too complicated. Baby clothes are so expensive! You’d think they would cost less because of how small they are, they don’t use very much cloth. We also bought her a hat, to keep the sun off her eyes while she’s outside. I had the idea of just getting one hat and then changing the ribbon to match different outfits, I mean it’s not like she needs more than one hat anyway right? Then they had little toys for babies to chew on when they are getting teeth, which Lyorri is, so we looked at those. We got one that had different kinds of beads with different colors. She was holding onto it so I guess that means she likes it. I really don’t know what makes a toy look good for chewing on, if you are a baby. So we bought those, and I think Kes probably would have liked to stay there all night looking at cute baby clothes but I wanted to get her into the jewelry store.

I said that we should go and get something to eat, and my plan was to walk past there and then pretend like I just had the idea to go in. But it was like she didn’t want to! She thought I meant to buy a gift for Hethurin there, she didn’t get at first that I meant it was for her. And then she kept looking at earrings, I had to go over to the case with the rings and point some out. I guess it probably wasn’t very romantic but I wanted it to be a surprise, but I also wanted her to pick one that she’d really like. She kept asking if I was sure, of course I’m sure! We’ve been together for a long time and we have Lyorri now and she needs to have a proper family. I’m a little worried about Aeramin changing his mind, he’s been visiting a lot more, but hopefully he’ll see that she’s doing well with us. I don’t know why I waited this long, but I think Lyorri was what made me realize that we should be. Anyway, she found one with a really nice red stone, and they had some bracelets in a similar style that Lyorri can wear when she’s older. I think right now she’d just try to chew on it, and jewelry isn’t as good for babies to chew on. Kes said I needed one too, which was kind of more than I planned for, money-wise, but thankfully I  had enough. We have to get them all made the proper size, so I’ll have to go back and pick them up soon.
I am not sure when we’ll have the party, or how fancy it’ll be. I know her family is fairly large, so they’ll probably all want to come. I just have my parents, and I haven’t been in touch with them for so long, but I’m sure they will want to hear about it. And they’ll definitely want to see Lyorri, though they’ll probably have a lot of questions. Now that she has hair it’s a bit more obvious. Either way, we’ll have to wait until Hethurin’s is over, I think everyone will be partied out for a while after that.

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