[Story] Thorns – A Letter in the Ghostlands

Finally got a letter from Rose. It actually came to Nash — I mean “Lhoris” because I told her to use that name. I think my fake name is a little too embarrassing. I guess it’s also a little more suspicious if a Kalimdor elf was getting letters here. She didn’t write the address on the envelope either, of course. But I knew it was from her, I recognized her handwriting right away. The butler brought it to him, and I think Nash was a little nervous about getting a letter until he saw that it was to “Lhoris”. Nobody outside of the school — and Rose — knows that name.

She got the boxes, and they’re back in the shop. They had to clean and unpack everything. She didn’t say very much what they were doing all that time, but I didn’t really expect her to. I guess I wouldn’t in her place, either. She did say that they brought back a lot of that ore, as well as some different kinds of spices, and a bunch of those shirts. She said there was one for me. Thankfully, she didn’t mail it. She said that it was nice sleeping in an actual bed again, I’m not sure if that was supposed to be a hint or not.

The mage came by the shop, and at first she didn’t recognize him — he asked about the elf and the girl that he’d hired. The mage thinks Nash is a girl, I guess. I don’t think Nash appreciated that part. He’s anxious about us taking so long to locate the book. Look, if it were easy, he could have done it himself and not hired anyone. These things take time. I’ve been able to check some of the rooms, there are times when people are in classes and it’s relatively easy. I always have to be aware of the butler and Terellion, they are often moving around when others aren’t. And the butler is good at being quiet. It makes me wonder. A few of the rooms are locked, they are old locks but they look easy to pick, I’m just not sure if they have any kind of magical alarm or something on them. There’s one that I think I can reach from an outside window, it’ll take some climbing but I’m good at that. I am not sure about the others. Nash says those rooms aren’t used, but that doesn’t mean the book couldn’t be stored in there. He’s much more able to check rooms than I am, having more access to more places. Most of the time, I’m supposed to be working at my desk. It’s a nice job, actually. This guy wants clocks in every room, then the standing clock for the entry-way, and the clock for the tower. Then a few nights ago, he was asking me about pocket watches. I could probably find work here for months. Maybe I should see if that human mage wants any watches, or anyone else at the tower. I don’t think I’d want to live in their house, but having a patron would certainly help my income. I have a feeling that Rose won’t be so upset once she sees how much money this guy is giving us. Well, me. It’s mine, isn’t it? But it would feel wrong not giving her any of it. Nash will get some too, of course. Maybe he can find a nicer place to live than that awful inn. I mean to talk about it with him eventually, but it hasn’t really come up. And usually there isn’t much talking when we see each other, because it’s late. And other reasons.

It’s helped though, I don’t feel that desperate loneliness that I did before, though I still miss her. I can’t explain it, I tried to. He said it doesn’t bother him, but I am not sure if that’s true. It bothers me. I wish I could just stop, if it were only that easy. Things would be a lot simpler.


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