[Story] Fairsong Academy – Loralinde’s Diary

I’m going to keep notes about my ghost experiences in this journal. I mean, it’ll still be a regular journal too but I’m going to keep records about what happens because that is very important. I’ve been talking to everyone in the school and I think there are definitely ghosts here! Des said that there’s even one who sometimes goes in her room, named Ellavia. Mostly she moves some of Des’s belongings around. I didn’t get a chance to talk to her about it too much yet but I’d like to try putting some flour in her room. I read that sometimes the ghosts will leave footprints in them, so I could see where the ghost is going to. I think they don’t always stay in the same place because it’s such a big house and otherwise I think we’d see them more. Keyalenn said he heard footsteps out in the woods, but I’m a little bit scared to look for ghosts out in the woods at night. I’d rather start with the ones inside at first. Plus, it might be an animal or something, not even a ghost. I found some books in the library about ghosts and how to talk to them. One way is to get a paper or a board with letters on it and have them move the pointer around to spell things out. I’m not sure if that would work or not, I don’t have one but I could make one. Also I read that there are certain herbs and plants that ghosts like, so if you burn those it could make them come to you. And of course candles are good because you can watch the flame to see if it moves really suddenly. I hope Des or Keyalenn or someone will help me, because I think it’s better if I’m not alone to try to talk to them. I’m not scared (okay maybe a little) but you never know because it could be a mean or scary ghost.

There aren’t many records about the house or who lived here before. I asked Tik a little bit, but he said the former owners died in the Scourge attacks, so that would mean they have only been dead for a short time. I don’t know if that’s long enough to turn into a ghost yet. I wrote to the Spire and asked them for more records about the house and who owned it before. I’m looking for a girl named Ellavia and anyone else who might have died here. Tik isn’t sure how many ghosts there are, or what their names are. Keylenn brought up something I hadn’t even thought of, he said I should ask the Magister first. He thought the ghosts might be upset that I was trying to talk to them. I hope they wouldn’t, I mean, I’m not trying to make them leave or anything. If I was a ghost I would like it if someone took interest in me, I think. Anyway, I’ll check with him to make sure it’s okay because maybe he knows more about them. I should ask him while I’m there.

In normal news I talked to Keyalenn a little bit. Tik suggested that he could work with Magister Raleth as an assistant after he passes his exams. Keyalenn said he hadn’t really thought about what he’ll do yet after he graduates. I thought that was a little odd, if he only has a year or so left to go. He can’t do food yet, or fire very well, but I’m sure it won’t take him very long to learn it at all. I tried asking Tik about what Keyalenn was like before but he didn’t have very much to say about that. He did say that he used to play pranks a lot. I guess it’s good that he’s more serious about school now but I think a little prank never hurt anyone. Though the glass thing was bad, it could have broken or hit someone on the head. Tik also told me that he had to go to Orgrimmar. I can’t imagine how awful that would be. At least he got to go home early, because he got injured. I mean, it’s not good that he was injured, but at least he didn’t have to stay and at least something even worse didn’t happen. I couldn’t even go to school during that time because they were all closed, it was so scary. I can’t even imagine having to actually go there.

I’m excited about the wedding, and especially about getting to dance. I haven’t picked out what dress I am going to wear yet.


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