[Story] Fairsong Academy – Vynlorin’s Journal

Remember that new student we got a little while ago? Well, Keyalenn is spending all his time with her now instead of with me and Salastion. Usually we’d talk there in the afternoon while we did our work and ate, but now he’s always in the library with her! And the worst part is that he won’t even tell us anything that happened. He just said that they went over their notes. All afternoon? It’s so weird, he couldn’t stop talking about that ranger girl but it’s like he doesn’t want to say anything about this one. Maybe it’s because it could get back to her, I guess that’s a good reason. He didn’t even get to look at her boobs. Lhoris told us about how he has looked at real ones, and more! I’ll admit I’m pretty jealous, he said it was the daughter of his neighbor and he just snuck in her room and they started kissing and stuff. He made it sound like it’s just so easy, that kind of thing hasn’t happened to any of us. Though it makes me wonder if he might be making it all up, I don’t know. I guess he could be, so he’ll seem cool or something. If it’s true he’s the youngest of us and the only one who’s done anything like that. He asked how come I haven’t with Xarola, and I’ll admit I have thought about it. But there’s no privacy at all, we’re not allowed in each other’s rooms and there’s always people around in the school. Maybe out in the woods, except I wouldn’t be surprised if the Magister has scrying things out there too. Plus, we’re supposed to be working on our classes and stuff. I wouldn’t want us getting in trouble, especially her. Besides, I figure once we’re both older and graduated, we can live together and do that stuff whenever we want to. They all sounded kind of surprised about that, like why I wouldn’t I want to stay with her after? She’s good at fire magic, and she’s smart and pretty, and she knows a lot about plants. I thought if the mage thing doesn’t work out, we could always make perfumes. I probably wouldn’t want to work at my parents’ stall, though I could sell them there. It could be a whole mage-themed collection or something, you know like firebloom and cinnamon for fire, and some kind of mint plus winter’s breath for frost. I think that would sell pretty well. Also, I don’t want Xarola to slap me. I know she’s not the kind of girl who would do things like that, and I don’t want her to get the wrong idea. If I can think of a good way to bring it up while we’re on a walk, I will, otherwise I’ll just keep waiting. By the time we’ve both passed our exams we’ll have been together for a long time.

Keyalenn did mention getting a painting for that girl though. It didn’t go so well with the ranger, but he thinks this girl likes art more. Where does he get all the money for this? He said his parents would just give him more. They must have figured out that he’s not actually using it for robes by now, but I guess maybe they don’t care? I wish I had enough money to not even care where it went. Anyway, he was asking us for ideas about what to put in the picture. I told him it shouldn’t be exactly the same because what if the girl somehow finds out about the other one? She’d probably be mad. At least if it’s different Keyalenn could say it’s not the same thing. I thought ghosts would be pretty scary, and good because there are actually ghosts here, but I don’t think he liked the idea much. He thought of a demon, one of the kinds with their mouth on their stomach. I agree, that would be pretty scary I guess, but I think if the picture is too scary she won’t want to hang it up. I hope he keeps that in mind. I think a painting of Xarola holding a basket of flowers would be nice, like when we go pick them in the forest. I wonder how much that would cost?

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