[Story] The Ghostclaw – Linarelle’s Journal

I went to visit Im in the city at his post. Even I have to admit that he looks quite striking on his horse, with his sword and all of his shiny armor. There wasn’t any shortage of women trying to talk to him and the others. They all have these romantic ideals about blood knights, and how things would be that the guys themselves hardly matter at all. And I think that’s the thing, Im has never really had to pursue anyone. He’s seen some girls from time to time before, but things didn’t work out in the long run because I don’t really think he knows how.  Even Aeramin pursued him, not the other way around. So no wonder he’s completely lost. On the bright side, he hadn’t completely forgotten about Kavia, over lunch he said that he just hadn’t written because he didn’t know what to say. I told him to just write about his past, what he likes, things like that. Of course, I have to give him a bit of slack; his situation is a bit more complicated than most. He admitted that the other reason is that he’s afraid of upsetting Aeramin. Personally I think Aeramin deserves a bit of it after all he’s put everyone through, but I didn’t say that.

Kavia would be so much better for him. She’s independent, and a good ranger, and she’s pretty. And, I hope, she wouldn’t cheat on him. Though I guess Aeramin didn’t set out to, either. But somehow it happened. More than once.

Orledin has been hard at work making cupcakes. He brought some out for Kavia and I to taste, and they were wonderful. I just wasn’t too sure about the decorations, I thought surely they weren’t supposed to be what I thought they were… I told Orledin I thought they were snails. That was less embarrassing than saying what else I thought it looked like. But evidently, that’s what they were supposed to be after all. I imagine that the poor guests at the party might have some hesitation about putting that in their mouth, especially some of the students. I wonder if he’ll make them for Sunashe too? I haven’t done very much planning, honestly I don’t really know where to begin. I guess we could just have something small here, like the Captain did. I want to ask Sunashe for his opinion about things, but I’m afraid to bring it up. I’m worried that it might bring up old memories that he’d rather not think about, but on the other hand I want it to happen soon, otherwise we’ll just be living together forever. Not that it’s bad. I brought him home one of the cupcakes, I think he wasn’t too keen on eating it at first but I told him that it reminded me of him. And there would be a reward if he did. So he did.

Snowflake is getting so big! I think she’s about three-fourths of the size of those in the forest. I’m not sure if that’s just due to her age, or if I’m not feeding her properly. I’ve tried to vary her diet, but it’s not as easy to find moth food as you might think. Blinky is also getting very big. His tail is bigger than his body! I think the training is going well, it’s fortunate that lizards don’t keep grudges, I guess. I brought him home a fish from the market after I went to see Im, and I think he appreciated that.
I looked at dresses in the shop windows too. I’m still not sure if I want to get one or just wear my armor. Sunashe seems to appreciate them, at least. I should find out what is his favorite color, I know he likes blue.


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