[Story] Fairsong Academy – Loralinde’s Diary

The new school is so great so far! I really can’t believe it, I feel like there’d be so many more people here if they knew about it. Maybe I should tell some of my friends from my old school though, but I guess not until the fall term when there’s rooms for them! Xarola is really nice though, I don’t mind sharing with her at all. We talk all the time, well she likes to read a lot but when she’s not reading I can get her to talk! She has a boyfriend here, he’s one of the students. His name is Vynlorin and he’s going to study fire. Xarola asked if there was anyone I liked and I figured it would be safe to tell her since she already has someone. I mean, I didn’t want to cause trouble if she liked him too, but obviously she doesn’t so it’s okay. I don’t want her to tell everyone though, that would be so embarrassing! She said that I ought to push my boobs out and flip my hair when I talk to him. I can do the boob thing, but I usually wear my hair pinned up so it would be impossible to flip it. Maybe I should try wearing it down? I could try it.

Last night I was out reading in the garden, because it was so nice. Beautiful and sunny, but not too hot as long as I said in the shade. There are tables out there so you can read or do work or eat, anything you like. Terellion helps take care of the gardens, and an older lady too. They do a really good job, they’re some of the nicest gardens I’ve seen. It helps when you have a big area to grow things in, not like in the city. I can’t wait to see it all decorated for the wedding, it’s going to be so fancy. There are even little lamps along the paths so you can see if it’s dark out. I haven’t stayed out that late though, because to be honest I’m still a little afraid of scourge or bats or spiders or whatever out there. Oh, Xarola also says that some of the rooms in the school are haunted. I guess she must be telling the truth — or at least believe that there are ghosts — because I can’t see her making up something like that. I’ve never seen a ghost before, I kind of want to. Can you even see them, or are they just a feeling like a cold breeze or something? I once read a book about a girl who used a pendant to communicate with the ghost of the lady who lived in their house a long time ago. I think that would be really interesting, to hear what a ghost would have to say. Maybe I can find one. I wonder what ghosts like?

Well, Keyalenn came out to the garden. He used a teleport! He’s doing such advanced spells. I talked to him and Des for a while, mostly about the classes here and what kinds of things I’d been doing in my old school. I feel a little awkward because they’re so much further ahead than me, but they weren’t mean about it or anything. Des said that when she moved here, it was only her, the Magister, and Tik. I can’t imagine going to school all alone! That must have been so lonely. Oh, she has a boyfriend too, he’s one of the rangers. She said her parents are okay with it, which surprised me a little bit. I don’t think mine would! But who knows, maybe Des has a lot of sisters too and they’re just happy that she found someone without their help. Personally I would much rather have a nice mage, who’s really smart and likes to read, and wears nice robes and can dance really well, oh and play instruments… That reminds me, Keyalenn said he’s going to be working on the instruments for the wedding. According to him you need to know how to play them on your own first, and then just make the enchantment copy what you did. So I guess I’d better work in my music lessons! I’ve always done them, I just don’t practice nearly as much as I should. Classes are going to start on Monday. I’m nervous about doing well but also excited to start doing more difficult spells. All the teachers and students seem nice, so I think that will help. And you can always ask them for extra help after class and things, because there’s so few students.

I thought Keyalenn had forgot about asking me to walk on the beach but he finally did! The sun was setting so it was so beautiful and romantic. He showed me an ice spell that makes a barrier around himself, and he said I could touch it. It was cold. I wonder if doing ice magic makes you cold all the time. He explained how it’s important to get the thickness and the temperature just right, and how your spells can melt if you take too long. It sounds really complicated! He said he’d help me study tomorrow, I can’t wait. I just hope I can focus on studying and not looking at his hair… or ears. Then he asked if I’d dance with him at the wedding! I hope I didn’t say yes too fast. I don’t want to seem desperate or something. But I’m really excited about that. And he held my hand. It was a little bit cold, but not too much.


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