[OOC] 6.2

I didn’t write about the new patch yet because, well, it’s pretty underwhelming. Also I wanted to wait until I’d seen the new raid.

If you like apexis dailies, mob grinding, and garrison missions, you’ll probably think 6.2 is swell. The Baleful tokens, used to make 650 or 675 gear (if you proc rare while creating it) are not bind on account. Which is a really dumb choice.  So unlike Timeless Isle’s tokens, they can’t be mailed to alts who need them. I did one garrison campaign quest, which wasn’t really anything special either, but is supposed to be the thin story thread for this place. Most of it is just brainless apexis bar-filling type quests, 3 per day. Uggggh. Since I raid, I have absolutely zero use for apexis, outside of the way overpriced mounts. But I have to do them to get rep if I want to fly eventually. Which you can’t yet, so navigating Tanaan is a royal pain. It’s a lot better if you have the feather, but I only have it on my main. My alts are out of luck and have to try to run up cliffs and get stuck behind rocks because IMMERSION.

The raid seems okay so far, I like it better than Blackrock though I’m gonna miss Thogar, he was fun. So far we killed four bosses, I didn’t get any loot and I only got one of the books for the legendary quest. So, 32 more weeks then? Super.

Anyway, I’m keeping my side account unsubscribed. There’s nothing in 6.2 to bring anyone back who is dissatisfied with the current game, because it’s just more of the same stuff you probably hated the first time around.


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