[Story] The Ghostclaw – Sath’alor’s Notes

I’ve been trying to get ready for the new little one’s arrival, I know it’s not for a long time yet but I want to be prepared. Rylad still has his crib, but he’s almost big enough for a real bed, I just hope he’ll be excited about it. I’ll ask Nessna to see if she can get Rylad’s grandfather to make one for him, I bet he would be happy to. It would still be a little awkward if I asked, I think. Maybe the headboard could have a tiger or something. We’re going to eventually need to add another room, but the winter is a bad time for building. Arancon said that babies usually stay with their parents for a while anyway, so I guess we could build it next summer. That would probably work out. Or I guess they could share, but if the new baby is a girl I don’t know if that would work. I didn’t want to share my room with my sisters, though I had gone for ranger training already when they were born. I want to think of some names too, I’ve never had to name anything except cats. I’m sure Nessna has a list but she’ll probably ask what I think too, and I want to be ready. Besides it can’t hurt to have more options. There are whole stores just full of things for babies in the city, more than one of them. I guess they’re really important so people want to spend a lot of money on them. There weren’t very many other guys there, and certainly not alone, so I didn’t stay very long. Plus everything looked really expensive. I think we’re better off using the furniture that Rylad’s grandfather made. We can get clothes from some of the other babies around, they will have outgrown them by then.

I did buy a nice roast while I was there though, I felt like doing something for the rangers. Most of the time we eat what we can hunt in the forest, which is okay but it’s nice to have something a little fancier once in a while. The vendor said it was deer, I roasted it with some spices and it turned out really good. They’re all working on Hethurin’s party, well, Orledin mostly. He’s been working on making cupcakes which is good, I’m just not sure about some of the decorations. I mean, it’s kind of funny, but as Arancon said, who wants to put that in your mouth? Ty suggested just smashing the frosting down so it’s just frosting. I hope that works, because I do really want to eat some cupcakes, just… I don’t know. Maybe if I close my eyes I can pretend it doesn’t look like it does. I also said Orledin should make them in different colors you know, like orcs or goblins or trolls or something. I bet he’ll think that’s a funny idea. He could even make them different flavors. Arancon was concerned about the students being there, but I think most of the students are old enough for something like that. I definitely knew about that stuff when I was that age! And it’s not like the boys haven’t seen those before. I mean sure, the little girls shouldn’t come, but anyone old enough for mage school can handle it I think. Still, he has a point about it maybe looking bad, so I’ll bring it up with Hethurin. It’s his school and his reputation, so he should be the one who decides.

I guess Aeramin came to talk to Arancon, actually talking and not yelling. That’s the first time I’ve heard of that, Arancon seemed pretty surprised too, but happy as well. I hope that means they’re starting to get along better. He’s really done a good job of turning his life around. Of course now Aeramin regrets giving his baby away, but it wouldn’t be fair to Kes to take her away now. I’m sure she’s doing a great job taking care of her. Aeramin is worried that the baby will resent him when she’s older. It’s definitely possible, but no one can know for sure. I think spending a lot of time with her will help though. I’m still a little worried that something similar might happen with Rylad, and now on top of that he will have to share our attention with someone else. I hope he’ll be able to adapt.


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