[Story] Fairsong Academy – Loralinde’s Diary

Luckily it wasn’t too difficult at all to talk Mother and Father into going to visit the school. It all just seems too good to be true, I’m waiting for there to be a catch or something. There are only a few other students, which surprised me a little, but it does mean we’d get lots of personal attention. I’m doing all right in my classes, but having extra help can’t hurt, especially when we get into the more complex things. It seems like most of the students there are further ahead than me, which is a little discouraging, but then again maybe they’ll be able to help me study. Especially that boy! He was there in the dining room, and after the Headmaster gave us the tour, I sat and talked with him for a while. There was another girl there too, around our age, her name was long but I remember the first part was “Des”. I guess I better learn everyone’s names, there aren’t very many!

The grounds were a lot fancier than I expected, I mean, not that I thought it would be bad but I figured with so few people it would be small. It’s not at all! It’s an old mansion that they converted into a school, and there are also some outbuildings on the grounds that are being turned into housing for students. I guess there are some relatives or something living there now, I wasn’t exactly sure what he said. There are also beautiful gardens and fountains, I wish I could have walked around them a bit more, I’m sure there are some wonderful spots to read. But it was already getting dark by the time we finished. There are private practice rooms as well! I couldn’t even believe that, with our own cabinet for supplies and everything. Imagine never running out of things or people leaving jars half open and things drying out, or inky quills all over the place. The Headmaster showed us the kitchen, though I doubt I’ll go in there much, I think he just wanted to show off the chefs. The older one was preparing dinner — fresh fish — and the young one was working on decorating a cake. He said they have cake every night, and there are buns and muffins in the morning! I’m probably going to need new dresses after staying here for a few months. Actually Mother said I should only bring my school robes, because I’m here to study and not meet boys, and she thinks it would be too distracting or something. I mean I guess she has a point, but I need nice ones for the parties. Keyalenn said they have them every few months!

Mother and Father went to talk to the Headmaster and sign papers, and I waited in the dining room. Which was nice because I got to talk to Keyalenn a lot, he talked about the classes and the teachers mostly. He also said that they go on trips to Shattrath fairly often, and told me about the big library there. I’ve only read about it, I think it would be really exciting to go! Des, the girl, seemed nice too. I’m worried about making friends with everyone, it’s such a small school that it would be difficult if people didn’t get along. I am not too worried though, everyone seems nice so far. I am going to have to share a room until the fall term begins though, because the new rooms aren’t built yet. It’s not a big deal to me, I am not bringing very much stuff at least right away, and my room at home is fairly tidy. I’ll make extra sure that I’m not leaving things around, the last thing I want to do is inconvenience the other girl. Her name is Xarola and she studies fire, that’s all I know about her so far. Hopefully we can meet soon, and she won’t mind too much having a roommate. Maybe it’ll be fun and we can do things together! I can’t wait to see the beach, and the gardens. I hope that Keyalenn will show me around, I thought maybe my parents would talk to him while we were there, but I don’t think they did. Unless they’re all keeping it a secret or something. Maybe Mother is still doing research. He did tell me that he wasn’t going to any more parties, which is a good sign I think!


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