[Story] Loralinde’s Diary

It’s summer, which means it’s the party season. I went to the first one a few nights ago, I personally think I’m a little too young for those sort of parties. Most of the guys there are either really old and desperate to find someone, or the kind that no one would want anyway. Then again, if we’re going, what does that make us? In my case, Mother is in a hurry to find someone for me. I have four older sisters, so they’ve already exhausted the list of family friends or acquaintances or fifth cousins or something. Honestly, I think she’s just in a hurry to have me move out so she can have my room as a study. Not that I can really blame her, she must be looking forward to the quiet after five daughters. So I said that I’d go because I figured it would be fun, and at least the food and wine would be good.

Mostly I just ended up talking with the other girls there. We were watching all of the guys and deciding who should talk to each one, or some of them we made fun of their shoes or something. That sounds mean, but honestly you should have seen some of them. One girl is a ranger, and she liked one of the guys. I admit he was good looking, he looked strong too, and he was wearing blood knight armor. He was a little too old though, and I didn’t want to have to fight anyone over a guy. It felt a little forced and awkward, but I suppose it’s better than just leaving everything to chance or getting old and not having anyone. I did see one boy that was interesting. He came over near our table with some food and we started talking.

I noticed his robes right away, they were really nice and obviously mage’s robes. So I started asking him if he was a mage student, and he was. He told me all about the school that he goes to, it sounds really nice. The more he talked about it, the more I thought I should talk to my parents about going there. It’s a small school, but you get your own private room, and your own practice room. There’s a beach that you can walk on, and he said the food there is really good. Plus, it would be far enough away that I’d have to live there, which means Mother could have my room early. I’m sure that would be another point in its favor. I don’t think he could have been much older than me, but he was already doing advanced studies, he was learning frost magic. I’m still in foundation classes and haven’t yet picked a specialization. I figure it’s best to try all of them. I know Mother wants me to learn fire, because that’s what she did. I’m the only one who wanted to go to mage school, I don’t know if she’d be too happy if I studied ice magic! But I guess we’ll see. It would be very tempting to study with him, he said he actually assists the professor sometimes. He’s cute and he has beautiful long blond hair. When I told Mother about him she wanted to know if she should start talking to his parents right now. I said I thought it was a bit soon for that! But she said his family is good, so that’s a relief at least. I suspect that she might already be planning to talk to them anyway.

I’d like to at least talk to him more first. He said that I should come and visit the school, sort of like a tour. Probably we can go sometime over the summer, though he said there aren’t many classes during that time. Which makes sense, most people are away on holidays — or going to things like this. I could at least write to the Headmaster and ask for more information. That way I’d know better what to ask about when we go to visit. He made a portal for me to go home, like it was nothing! It was a good portal too, it worked perfectly. He must be really good to be able to make them already. I still struggle at levitating things! I wonder if I should write to him too, or it might be weird. If he goes to a lot of those parties he probably meets a lot of girls and he might not remember who I am.

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