[OOC] Summer Sewing Season!

Summer sewing season has officially started! While the kids are away at Grandma’s I am taking advantage of my free time to catch up on sewing. The plan is to get a bunch made that I can put up for sale in my Etsy store or elsewhere. I’ll be sure to put a link when they are ready!

I need to put in an order of fur, and supplies like eyes and joints, but I have enough to start on some Mabari dogs from Dragon Age. I really love this fur, it’s one of the pieces I got from the Vermont Teddy Bear factory sale. If I can find more like this I’d be so happy!

So I’ll try to keep writing at least every couple of days, but they may be short as I don’t have much computer time right now. I’ll try to post some progress pictures of the animals too.


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