[Story] Thorns – A New Hire

I’m not dead, that’s always good. At least, not yet. I’m not convinced that one of them isn’t going to set me on fire or turn me into a sheep or something. The Headmaster was a lot younger than I expected, I think he’s around Nash’s age. I thought he’d be old and have a long beard or something. I didn’t think the conversation was going very well, to be honest I’m not sure what sort of “work” they wanted done. I can do a lot of things, some less legal than others, but I wasn’t going to bring that up. I did ask if he had any broken clocks, that’s something I’m good at (and isn’t illegal). Most people have at least one watch or clock that needs fixing. He seemed to perk up after that and asked if I could do things like make it chime on the hour (I can). I told him I could make new ones too, provided I had the materials of course, and he told me he wanted eight.

I showed him the arcane patroller and asked if he knew how to enchant the core, he seemed to think it was simple. So maybe after I’m finished with the clocks he can do that for me. I made a list of the things I need — for some of the tools I drew a little picture, because I’m not sure that the guy would know what it is from the name. All of my tools are back in Stormwind, but the Headmaster didn’t seem to balk at the list at all. I’m going to assume that he wants good materials, too. There’s no point in getting clocks made and then using cheap materials. He’s also paying me for the work, of course, but I think it’s per clock and not per hour. I’m going to be making some things to send back to the shop, too. They’re surely back by now and they’re going to need things to sell to keep it running. I can’t abandon them like that, they’re all depending on me, Pup especially. I’m sure the Headmaster won’t notice or mind that I’m working on other things. He hardly pays any attention to me, actually. I’m set up in a large room that I assume is a ballroom, near some large windows. The natural light is great for working. What’s not so great is the students always walking by in the hallway and poking their heads in. They think I don’t know they are there, but I do. I think they’re afraid of me or something, which I don’t understand because there’s another elf working here as a teacher.

I talked to her just a little bit. She thought I was sent by her grandfather to take her back to the forest. I don’t even know her grandfather, and I sure wouldn’t force anyone back there. She’s actually married to one of the other mages here, a blood elf, and has a baby with him. I guess that would explain why her grandfather wants her to go back. I’m curious how she ended up here, I suppose if no one’s killed her they won’t kill me either. Right? I’m still wearing my daggers just in case. I don’t know how long we’ll be here. Probably a while, it’s a lot of work. We’ll need to write to the mage and let him know what’s going on, so he doesn’t hire someone else with our money. The book has to be here somewhere. Nash has been asking around and checking all the shelves. My guess is that it’s one of the private rooms or the Headmaster’s library, which won’t be as easy to get to. But eventually we will. I also need to let Rose know we won’t be back for a while. I’ll send some finished watches and things with, so she’ll hopefully be less angry.

The room they gave me has ghosts in it, according to Nash anyway. I haven’t seen any, but then I don’t really want to stick around until they show up either. I still have my stuff in there, and I haven’t found any cobwebs or any other evidence of ghosts. The Headmaster wants to buy me some more clothes, which I guess would be okay. I just don’t know if they’re going to fit properly. People might be suspicious if he’s ordering really large clothes. Nash brought this dirty book the other night, it’s one of those they sell to girls that looks like a story but it’s mostly just screwing. This one is about a green dragon who is disguised as a kaldorei. I’m not sure why he wants to read it, but it’s funny anyway. Maybe it’s helping him read better? We also read the history books sometimes, which are less funny but I’m actually learning too. I don’t know very much about blood elf things, a lot of it is just lists of heirs and things but I usually skip those. I try not to think about those winter nights when I’d read kaldorei poems with Rose in front of the fire. It still hurts that she’s so far away, I wish it didn’t. I wonder how they are doing out there. I wonder if Pup misses me.

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