[Story] Thorns – In Hiding

Things haven’t changed much since I last wrote. I’ve moved into one of the ruined buildings on the school grounds. No wards were set off — at least as far as I could tell. Mages usually like to be pretty flashy about things, so I figured I’d notice if I had. The property itself is large, and the outlying buildings look to have been abandoned for some time. Brush has grown up around them and it doesn’t appear that anyone has been inside them. Except for animals. There have definitely been animals, the evidence of that is obvious. I guess it’s better than a cave, but not much. Nash is staying inside the school, in one of the fancy rooms with the good food and wine. At least he has the decency to bring me some now and then, but I never know when it’s going to be so I feel like I’m starving constantly. I guess things could be worse. It could be winter. The holes in the roof and walls aren’t so bad right now, so long as there aren’t any summer thunderstorms. I’ve made myself a little nest which is just about as uncomfortable as it sounds. I watch the school during the day, but normally there’s not much to see. A few people come in and out, mostly the older elf with short hair, and sometimes the dark-haired one. Most of what happens is inside, where I can’t see it.

He hasn’t found the book yet. He said there are several libraries, but he’s worried that the book might be in one of the students’ rooms, or the headmaster’s office. Both of those are going to be difficult to get into without attracting attention. Nash’s idea was that I should ask for a job, he says there’s a kaldorei woman teaching there so he’s sure they won’t kill me on the spot. I doubt it’s as simple as them just being unusually open-minded. Maybe she’s useful to them somehow, or owes them something. Plus, I look like hell after living in an abandoned house for weeks. Nash was sure to point that out. Thanks. He also mentioned that he recognized one of the teachers there, someone from Murder Row. I know enough to know that’s not a good thing. At first I thought he might be after the book too — it’s obviously valuable and it’s not that much of a stretch to think that more than one mage might be after it. Nash doesn’t think he is, but it would make sense. Why else would he be there? I guess I’ll go up tomorrow and ask, what’s the worst thing that could happen? Oh right, they could kill me on the spot. In that case, Nash can explain to everyone what happened to me. But more likely he’d just disappear I think. I probably would, given the same situation. I’m not sure what kind of work they need done. I’m not really keen on the idea of cleaning rooms, but it would get me access. I’m not sure what to make of Nash’s other suggestion.

He said I could stay in his room. If I’m working there, I’m sure they’ll give me my own, but — I can’t say I haven’t considered it. It was always just a brief thing when it happened, never with someone I’d known for a long time — or worked with. I don’t want things to be weird, I have enough of that going on as it is. I’m not ready to give up on Rose just yet, even though I know she doesn’t care what I do. She’d probably be happy that I’m not bothering her as much anymore. It’s probably stupid, I can’t explain it. Though it might be nice if someone actually wanted me there, you know? Maybe I’m over thinking things.

As we were talking, one of the students was walking by and heard us. I don’t know how she happened to be that close to the old buildings, but she was. I’d never seen anyone around there before. Just my luck. Thalassian is close enough to Darnassian that I could understand most of what they were saying. Nash said that he found me and I needed a job, like a starving puppy or something. Oh, and that I’m filthy and need a bath. He even ran off to get soap from inside. Thanks again. The student looked skeptical but at least she didn’t scream or anything right off. I guess that’s encouraging. I told her that I have a kid to feed, which is partially true. Just because he’s off on another world doesn’t mean he doesn’t need food. I’m not sure she bought it though, because she didn’t mention it again. She asked what kinds of things I can do, I mentioned the clocks. I’m sure a school has need for those, at least they probably have some that need repaired. That’s probably what I’ll say when I talk to them tomorrow. How long are we going to be here? It’s already been a few weeks, with going into the other school and waiting for Nash’s leg to heal. I wonder if they’ve already forgotten about us.


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