[Story] Fairsong Academy – Kiandris’s Report

My Report by Kiandris Dawnfury

It’s almost the end of the spring term, so Miss Lali said we must write a report about what we’ve learned and what we have been doing in school. I don’t know why, because she knows what we learned because she’s the teacher! Maybe it’s to make sure that we remember. We have been studying ancient history, about the Kalimdor elves and orcs and stuff. There’s also a lot about trolls, because they have been around for a long time. There was also some stuff about Titans, but it’s kind of confusing and I don’t remember it. I probably will have to read more books about it. But I like reading, so it’s okay. Vaildor doesn’t like reading, he always wants me to read it out loud so he can just listen without having to actually read it. I don’t mind that too much, except a lot of the times he gets bored and starts drawing and then he isn’t really listening. Because I ask him later what I just read and he doesn’t remember. History is kind of interesting I think, because it’s like a story except it really happened. I asked Miss Lali if we can get more books about dragons and she said we can if she asks the Headmaster. She said he has some in his own library but she doesn’t know if we’re allowed to use those or not. I hope we can get some.

I tried making a dragon, for art. I’m no good at drawing no matter how Vaildor tries to show me. It’s not that he is a bad teacher, he always tries to explain things but I just am not good at art I think. Or at least at drawing. I don’t think my dragon looked too bad. It’s made out of paper that’s ripped into small pieces and then you put it in this watery stuff and when it dries it is hard. You can make things with it. I made a dragon, it’s basically just a long shape with legs and wings and horns and stuff. I’m going to add more onto it later so it looks like a better dragon, but I think it’s a decent start. Also I think it’ll look more like a dragon when it’s painted. Luckily Miss Lali said we’re graded on how much work we do on it, not what it looks like, because this isn’t the art school.

It’s really great having a best friend. I like to ask him to go to the city with me when I need to get supplies for Minn’da. She always gives me a really big long list so it takes forever, but if Vaildor comes it’s not so bad because we can talk and look at things. I think one day I’d like to invite him to come to my house, except it’s pretty small compared to theirs and we don’t have a fancy office and stuff. Oh, well this report is supposed to be about school anyway. We have a new girl in our class, her name is Malwen. She used to be an orphan but the Headmaster adopted her. At first our class only had me and Vaildor in it but now she’s in it too. She’s a few years behind though so she does different work. She’s okay I guess, for a girl, she always brings her doll and puts it in its own desk. That’s kind of weird but whatever. In a few years there are going to be a lot of people in our class, when all of the babies get older. That’s going to be really busy. I guess it’s good that Miss Lali has experience with teaching little kids, because she has one of her own. Good thing Vaildor and I got in when it wasn’t too busy!

I don’t know if we’re going for any trips over the summer break. I am guessing probably not, because Minn’da still has to clean the house that she works at. The people who live there are going away on a trip to the island. I wish I could go, I bet there are sea shells, that’s for science. I could use it toward my grade. And that’s what I learned in school this term.


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  1. Aww, I’ll have to write Vaildor soon. I bet it’s his assignment too! 🙂

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