[Story] The Ghostclaw – Sath’alor’s Journal

I still can’t really believe it. But then I look at the little toy tiger that Nessna gave me, and the little note on the ribbon on its neck, and it still says the same. Rylad will be a brother, and I’ll be a father. I already feel like a father, but I guess it’s different when you are there from the moment they’re born. I don’t know, I don’t want Rylad to think he’s any less my child than the new baby will be. It doesn’t really seem real yet, I mean I knew it was possible, Nessna hadn’t been drinking her tea for a while now. Maybe once she actually looks like she’s having a baby. I don’t know how she’s going to fit into her armor. She said she’ll still go on her patrols, she insists that it won’t harm the baby and exercise is good. That’s what she told me anyway, and she said the healer said that. But the healer is Nessna’s sister so maybe we should ask another one’s opinion! I guess if she’s going to see them often and they say it’s okay, I don’t really like the idea though. Something could easily happen, and while Kavia and Pero are both good rangers, they’re young and I don’t think they know what to do with a lady who’s having a baby. I mean, I don’t either, but I’d feel a lot better if I could go with her. Maybe I can rearrange the patrols, but then someone has to be here to watch Rylad and I’m not sure who would be good. Actually, I bet Arancon would enjoy watching him, he loves going to see his grand-daughter. And maybe Sunashe could get in some practice in case Lin gets any ideas.

We haven’t told Rylad yet, though I guess that Nessna will soon. I really hope he’s excited about having someone to play with. I’ll be sure to tell him that big brothers get to be in charge, and show the younger one what to do. Mierri wasn’t born until I was already gone to ranger training, so I didn’t really grow up with little sisters, not the way Rylad will grow  up with someone. Eventually we’ll have to add onto the house too, when I made the plans  I had no idea I’d need extra rooms! Rylad has been wanting to sleep outside in his little house. The weather’s warm enough that it’s fine, though I worry about things coming out of the woods. Both of the cats stay near his little house to keep watch, and I know Clementine would act if there was any danger, she has before. Nessna’s cat is younger and I’m not as certain, but I’m sure he would follow her example. I was a little worried about the undead, but he doesn’t seem to notice anything at all, so I don’t think he would hurt Rylad. On the other hand, he wouldn’t stop any danger I don’t think either. I am always sure to check on him several times, but I still get a little nervous about it. Imagine when he’s older and going off to school alone!

It’s great that they’ll both be able to go to school up at the academy. There’s going to be a whole class of kids that we all know. That’s a little strange to think about my kid going to school with Aeramin’s kid, but I guess as long as they’re not teaching Rylad and the baby any weird magical spells, it’s okay. I do think the forest is a lot better place to grow up than the city, and they’ll get good classes there. And it’ll be a lot cheaper! At least until they decide they want magic classes. That would be just my luck.

I’m a little nervous, I mean I’ve had some experience with Rylad, and Isandri’s baby, but that was different. Rylad was already almost walking when they moved in, not a little tiny baby. I’m afraid I might do something to mess him or her up. Also I’m not really sure how to take care of Nessna during that time, I should ask the healers. I want to make sure she’s happy and comfortable. I definitely want to be there when he or she is born, except I’ve heard that part is kind of scary. Nessna said I won’t be able to feel it for a while yet, I can’t wait.


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