[OOC/Screenshots] Not-WoW Roundup

As I posted a little while ago, I made the decision to drop two of my side accounts on WoW. Then, a few days later, they announced there would be no flying ever again. Guess they won’t be back anytime soon! So, I’ve been exploring (and re-exploring) some of my other games, trying to find a good fit. So far the problem is that I like all of them, and I don’t have enough time to play everything! I’ve basically been playing WoW very little — just pet dailies/missions in the morning, then either raid or RP in the evenings depending on the night. But I’m actually very excited about my “new” games, most of which aren’t actually new to me.

I’ve already mentioned SWTOR, I will be keeping my sub there. There’s an RP guild that was advertising in the Trooper starting area, I’d like to look into joining them. The guild I’m in currently is pretty much dead and I’m just there for the XP boost.

Final Fantasy XIV is getting a new expansion this summer, with flying mounts, so that’s one I am very interested in. I got the trial, and it seemed to be a lot of fun. I will most likely buy this it later this summer. I thought I had a picture of my pirate elf but it seems not!

WildStar was one I enjoyed a lot during the trial, and will be switching to free to play in the fall. But if you are a subscriber as of June you get all kinds of perks, including 12 character slots, and double the housing decorations. It was only $20, so I decided to do that too. I only have one month’s worth right now, I’ll decide then if I want to keep it or just stay on the free plan. So far I like the looks of my Draken the best, but enjoy the gameplay of my Aurin (bunny) Stalker the most. I also made a pink evil hamster with a gun because, why not?


I reinstalled RIFT and have been playing my characters there again. It’s a really fun game with a lot of customization and I love the dynamic events. I feel like it’s a great game, even if you play it for free. I can see myself spending a lot of time here again.

I also have two buy-to-play games that I’d like to use more. There’s less pressure there because I don’t have to worry about playing often enough to get my money’s worth. One is Guild Wars 2, I wasn’t super keen on it the times I tried it but this time I have a friend who can answer all of my noob questions. And I do really like the Charr, as well as my little Asura.

Another is The Secret World, which is a modern-day MMO that is very story oriented so it really plays more like a single player game. I haven’t got very far at all in this game, but it seems like something I’d like a lot.

Then if I get really desperate, I could play Dragon Age: Inquisition some more… but I doubt I’ll get that bored 😉 I would like to someday finish my other play-throughs though.


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