[Story] Fairsong Academy – Terellion’s Journal

So much has happened the last few days, it’s difficult to know where to start! I guess I’ll go in order. The priest came from Silvermoon and he did all the papers, so I’m officially Terellion Fairsong now. Hethurin says it doesn’t feel any different, and I agree with that. Mae said she didn’t either, but I figure it will once we have the actual wedding. I did cry a little when he was reading it though, Hethurin did too. I know my mother is going to cry a lot too! It seems like everything is mostly done but I keep thinking of more things, I’m also worried about if something isn’t finished in time. Like things that we ordered. I want to go to the shops and check but I guess that would just slow them down, and probably annoy them too.

The second big thing is that they finally let Malwen come live with us! I think she was just as excited as we are. I hope she likes her room, we can add things if she wants it different. I know Hethurin is talking to the builders about making her own bath so she doesn’t have to share with the students. I was thinking maybe some of the students could move into one of the new houses once they are finished, that way we’d have a little more room in here. Eventually we are going to need a second room, because when Hethurin went to the priest he told him about another little baby who had just been found. Someone just left her because they didn’t want her. I don’t know how someone could do that. I guess even if you don’t want to keep a baby, you could give it to someone to take care of, not just leave it alone outside. I don’t understand people sometimes. Anyway this baby is very young and still needs milk, but as soon as I heard about her I thought we should adopt her, too. Luckily Hethurin didn’t need any convincing! The best part is that she has black hair, like me. I mean, not that the color of her hair matters any, but I just thought it was neat. I guess that’s probably why Hethurin said that I got to pick her name. She was so small that she didn’t even have a name yet, you’d think the mother could have written it on a paper or something. I’ve never had to name a person before so it was a little scary. What if she hated it later on? Luckily Mae still had a lot of books with names in them from when she was trying to think of Zaeris’s name. I found Narise, which I think is nice. It’s not too long and it sounds good with “Fairsong”. Hopefully Hethurin likes it too. And the baby.

I can’t wait for our trip, though it’s going to be really hard going away from the girls for so long after they just got here. It’ll only be a few seconds for them, but it’ll be a week for us. And we’ve already had to wait so long for Malwen to come home, and then we have to wait for Narise (if that’s her name) now too. It’s so weird to think that we’ll be parents! I mean, I still feel like a kid most of the time. I was worried that Malwen might not want another baby so soon, like she might feel it was taking away attention from her, but she seemed really excited about it. I guess because a baby is like a doll, but even better! Plus she’ll have someone to play with once the baby is older. And she can teach her things and show her what to do. Neither of them will have to be lonely. And if she gets annoyed with her little sister, she’ll have her own room she can go to.

I also think Aeramin is just messing with me or something. I haven’t seen that new student do anything weird at all. He likes to take walks, but that’s not weird. He reads books a lot — all mage students do that. And he goes to class. I think I’m just going to stop watching him, because I think Aeramin’s just paranoid or something in this case.


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