[Story] Fairsong Academy – Terellion’s Journal

Not too much has been happening, outside of the usual planning things. I’ve got the little table dragons ordered, so that’s one thing. But I wonder if we should have ones for people to take home, like a souvenir. I think we should use dragons somewhere else in the decorations too, so it makes sense. I know anytime I bring up something like that, I can feel Renner rolling his eyes. I guess if a bunch of dragons wanted elf statues at their wedding, that would be weird, so I can see where he’s coming from.

A boy came to the school to apply the other night. Hethurin was busy in his office, he was supposed to be grading papers, but I think most of the time he’s looking at his magazines. That’s fine though, I was just eating dinner and talking to Des. He is pretty young, more so than the other students, but not too young to start magic classes. He said that his mother was worried about whether it was a good school or not, I guess she didn’t want him going to magic classes at all which I found a bit strange. Unless maybe they couldn’t afford it, that’s possible. But we assured him that Fairsong Academy is a very good school, I also told him about the room and meals, and that we have separate instructors for each kind of magic so he’d get lots of individual help. He was also worried about whether or not the school was safe, which I guess I can understand given our location. I assured him that not only do we have the rangers who patrol, there are wards set up around the perimeter and at the doors. The only thing he’d have to worry about is accidentally turning himself into a sheep or a frog or something. He was very interested to see the library, which is good because hopefully it means he’ll be a good student. I told him that he could stay until Hethurin could see him, which would be the next day because it was fairly late. We had a spare room, anyway.

Well, the next day Aeramin pulled me aside and told me to keep an eye on the new kid. I asked him what he meant by that, but he refused to tell me. Why would he say that? At first I thought maybe he would try to make Hethurin like him or something, but I don’t think that’s very likely. Besides, he’s way younger than I am, and Hethurin already thought I was too young. So then I figured maybe he’s been sent by Hethurin’s mother, you know as a spy or something. It’s been a long time since she tried anything like that, but maybe she’s bored with her pool boy now or something and hiring people to cause trouble. From talking to him, it didn’t seem like he’d be into anything like that, but I guess you never know. For now I am doing what Aeramin said, but the new kid doesn’t seem to be doing anything strange or suspicious. Most of the time he just looks at books, like all the other students do.

I think the priest is coming to do the wedding soon. Well, not the real wedding, but the one so that we can adopt Malwen. I bet she’s going to have so much fun! We still need to get her dress for that, but we need to bring her with to get all the proper measurements. Hopefully she won’t grow any between now and then.


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