[Story] Ordinicus’s Journal

It’s been so busy these past couple of weeks that I’ve hardly had time to sleep. Thankfully, Lyorri is doing better at that, so it’s not as difficult as it was at first. And maybe it sounds strange but it helps me wind down to spend time with her, doing things like feeding her or giving her a bath. Babies don’t have to worry about work or getting things done on time, they just live and experience everything. I think we’re getting along pretty well now. It was scary at first, and I’m still worried about messing up something really badly, but it’s getting better I think. I still wish Kes would move some of her books and things somewhere else, like maybe to an office at the school. She agrees with me on that, I guess we’ll just have to make sure it’s really far from Lyorri’s room in the new house. I expect that she’ll try to get into it once she starts crawling and walking. I’m also a little scared that Aeramin is going to decide he wants her back. Like he’s talking about buying her a doll, and how she’s going to hate him when he’s older. Maybe she will, I don’t know. But that decision has been made. It just makes my ears twitch a little when he says things like that. I guess he and Im were talking about having one, or something.  Then why didn’t he want to keep Lyorri? It doesn’t make any sense to me.

Also, he wanted to put a hole in his roof. I don’t understand that at all. Then he was saying that Im could fix it, which he probably could — it’s not that difficult after all. But I’ve been doing it for years so I could do it really well and really fast, provided I wasn’t busy with the other building projects. But Aeramin insisted that Im should do it. I don’t know, I didn’t want to ask too many questions. He’s concerned about someone at the school, it sounds like a student so I don’t really see how dangerous he could be. But Aeramin says he’s from Murder Row, he recognized him, and he’s considering whether he should warn Hethurin or not. If this person is dangerous, I think all of the students deserve to know about it. But why would a dangerous person go to a mage school? Aeramin says it’s just for the food. That seems like a lot of trouble to get some food, but I guess I’ve never been living on Murder Row.

I need to get Kes a ring soon too. I’m going to save up over the summer so I can get a really nice one. We should go look so I can get an idea of what she likes, but I have to make it seem like I’m not planning to get one. Maybe I could say Lyorri needs earrings, or something.


One Response to [Story] Ordinicus’s Journal

  1. Aww, tricking Kes into the jewelry shop.

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