[Screenshots] SWTOR – Sith Warrior

Just finished up my Sith Warrior! Here she is on Voss, she’s a Sith pureblood which is why she’s all red. I love how she looks with her yellow eyes.


And here she is at level 50, you can’t really see her title but she’s upgraded to a Darth 😉


I always find it very difficult to play “evil” in video games, and for this one I was going to go full Dark Side — but somehow she ended up neutral. I guess I’m too much of a softie after all. But I liked her storyline and she was very fun to play, she always felt very strong and fit the feeling of being a weapon of reckless destruction. She reminded me a lot of a Fury Warrior in WoW, she just charges in with both lightsabers flashing and hopefully whatever it is dies before she does (usually it did!).

I knew to expect a lot of backstabbing and treachery — this is a Sith storyline, after all — but it was still a fun storyline. Definitely my favorite on Imperial side so far, though I still have to finish Agent.


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