[Screenshots] SWTOR Space Kitties

I realized I hadn’t posted any pictures of the space cats yet. Unfortunately I’m not able to get screenshots during any of the cut scenes, which is where all of the good story stuff takes place. I’m not sure if this is intentional or not, but it’s been this way since back when I first leveled Malavar several years back.

But, here’s some of them just standing around. They don’t give out level 50 armor sets anymore, so they’re still in ugly leveling greens. They still have 10 more levels to go, but level 50 marks the end of the main class storyline anyway, so that’s what I’m aiming for on all the alts.


Xarlo is my Jedi Knight, the one I really wanted to be a cat! I’ve actually not finished up his last story quest yet, as he hit 50 before that. As fun as he is to play, the storyline isn’t super memorable just yet, but as I said, it’s not done yet.


Tirzo is my Bounty Hunter, and Xarlo’s deadbeat dad. He knows that Xarlo exists, and is a Jedi, but doesn’t know too much more than that. Maybe someday I’ll write them! In SWTOR the classes are mirrors of each other, and Bounty Hunter is the Imperial mirror of Trooper. Their abilities do the same things, but have different names and sometimes different animations. For example Kazta’s close-range channeled ability is a pulse cannon, while Tirzo’s is a flame thrower. But they do the same thing. And my favorite is his AoE where he uses his jetpack to lift off the ground, called “Death from Above” 😀 I really enjoyed the Act 1 storyline, but 3 wasn’t really what I’d imagined for him. It was okay, but I still like Trooper a lot more. I’m not really fond of his companions, aside from Blizz the Jawa.

Not sure who I’m leveling next, the Operative and Smuggler both struggle to kill stuff alone, so maybe my Sith Warrior.


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