[Story] Imralion’s Journal

Right, well last time I talked to Aeramin he said that it wouldn’t be fair to Lyorri if we got any other kids somehow. But I guess he’s changed his mind about it. He said it was because she spit up on him, but I don’t think he should take that as a sign or anything. That’s just what babies do. He asked how I would get one and I said I guess I’d find a girl, and he said I should. I shouldn’t have to remind him of what happened last time. Then he said that I should go by myself so they won’t get distracted by him, I guess. Oh and I should be confident. That’s easier said than done when girls are just interested in Aeramin. I guess they like mages, I don’t know. He said it like it’s so easy to just meet someone, it’s not or I would have already done it! She has to be nice first of all, and then she has to like me and not like Aeramin more, then finally she has to be okay with the whole situation. I don’t think it’s going to be easy at all to find someone who meets all three of those requirements.

Aeramin said I need to go to those parties in the city, there’s always a lot of them during the summer. I really don’t like that idea at all, I know the ones he’s talking about and they’re always full of snobby rich girls. He said I can’t judge them without getting to know them first but trust me, that’s the only kind of girl who goes to those parties. Well, Lin went to one once, but she was going with a friend and she mostly did it for a laugh, I think. Anyway she didn’t meet a guy there, either, so it didn’t even work. I almost wonder if he’s just telling me to go so he can see how badly it goes, like to prove me wrong or something. He said I should wear my armor, which is a really bad idea in the summer because it gets all hot and sweaty inside and it’s really uncomfortable. I guess the girls wouldn’t notice if it’s sweaty because it’s not like I’m going to be taking it off, but still.

Oh, and then he suggested I ask some girls in Murder Row. Are you serious! That’s definitely not the kind of girl that I’m looking for. I don’t really know exactly what I am looking for, but I figure I’ll know when I meet her, right? I don’t know who I could ask for advice in that area, no one I know is in this particular situation. I know what Lin would say too, but it’s not that easy to just give up on all the time Aeramin and I have been together. She’s probably right, and it’s probably the best thing, but things are okay for now anyway. I’m still not really happy about Lyorri but I guess it’s not that bad with her living with Kes. I just worry about what’s going to happen in the future, and if he’ll decide he wants to focus on her instead of on our family. I mean, I wouldn’t blame him for that at all, but I’d rather know now before I spend all of this time with him if that makes sense. It’s all so complicated.

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