[Story] Thorns – Eversong Woods

I was right. Sometimes I hate being right all the time. Nash had trouble in Silvermoon, though he was vague about it. Said he ran into an “associate”, which means someone who knows who he is and what he’s done. At some point, said person also made off with the rest of his gold, so Nash had to steal food. I’m not happy about that. It’s a risk he shouldn’t be taking, given everything else. I’m worried this person is going to cause more trouble if he knows that Nash is in the area. He says they won’t, but I’ll be extra alert. The house we were staying is pretty remote, but there’s a road not too far away that people travel on. I say “were” because we’re going to have to find a different one now. In spite of getting robbed, Nash was able to get to the library and find out about the book that we need. It was sold to a school in the Ghostlands. My first thought was to just go in and take it, sometimes the simplest solution is the best. But mages like to have magical barriers and wards and things like that, so it’s probably not going to be that easy. We agreed to watch it for a few days and see what we can learn. That means we’ll need to find another place to stay, closer to the school. I thought the Ghostlands was full of scourge, but Nash says that’s not the case. It’s still full of bats and spiders, however, and blood elves, which could be dangerous. Our current plan is to have Nash try to get in by posing as a student. I don’t know if they can detect whether he knows how to do any magic or not, but I agree that it’s the best idea we have for now. Once inside, he can look around and locate where the book might be, maybe even grab it if we’re lucky. I don’t think I’d be able to pass as a magic student, so once again I’m going to be waiting around doing nothing and worrying the whole time. I can watch the school, but I doubt I’ll see much from far away. At least I have the construct to keep me busy. Though there’s not a lot of good metal around here, all I’ve been able to find is some scrap. I guess it’ll work for a test run though, to make sure I have all the parts shaped correctly and that they all go together properly. I’ll make the real one out of nicer metal once we get back to Stormwind, and that one can use the little core that I found. Nash suggested that we ask the mage to enchant it for us, once we get back to him. I thought that was a pretty good idea.

I haven’t written to Rose, I don’t think I even could unless Nash wanted to take it into the town for me. There’s not much to report yet anyway, other than we’ll be longer than expected. I wonder if they’ve even noticed? Things got a little weird the other night. Nash bought a blanket, I guess because I complained about it being cold, and two bottles of wine. He drank most of his. I guess if he really minded, he would have said something, or got up and left, but he didn’t. Still it’s awkward and I didn’t mean to make him uncomfortable, it’s just that — I don’t know, it was cold and I guess I felt lonely. I don’t want things to be weird between us, I’ve already got plenty of that as it is.

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