[Story] Fairsong Academy – Terellion’s Journal

The meeting with the Matron went all right, I was really nervous but thankfully Hethurin did most of the talking. We’re allowed to come see Malwen but we can’t actually adopt her until the wedding. But Hethurin had an idea about that too, he said we could go to the Spire and have all the paperwork done so it’s official, and still have the party later on. I said that would be okay, I don’t see what difference it would make, other than Malwen being able to be there at the party. He’s a little worried about it though, like people will find out. I don’t see why it matters but I won’t tell anyone anyway. Well, maybe Maerista. It’s harder to talk to her now because she’s always busy doing papers or things for Aeramin’s class, or she’s with her baby. I can understand that, because he’s really cute! She said that Gael has been working a lot lately, in addition to his regular patrol he’s been helping the builders with the cabins. Fortunately they should be done very soon, so he can come home and relax. I am guessing he would rather spend time with Mae and Zaeris than the builders. I can’t believe how big Zaeris is getting! It seems like just yesterday that he was born, but he can already sit up and he likes to talk to himself when he plays. He doesn’t say any real words yet, though Mae says he can say “an’da”. I don’t know if that’s really true but he will surely be saying it soon enough.

I’ve been working really hard on all the decorations for the party. It’s like a regular party but they have to be even better. I don’t think Hethurin gets that sometimes, like I was asking him for ideas about things and he just tells me what colors to use. I know that! I was hoping he had some more ideas. For the table there needs to be little name tags to show people where they are supposed to sit, and he just said we should have little cards. Really? That’s not fancy at all! Even if the writing is fancy. In the magazines they had all kinds of holders for them and then people could keep them for after. I thought about maybe getting some that look like little dragons, and the card can go in their mouth. I think that would work if the dragons were in the right colors. I also asked him about what to put on the top of the cake. He said there’s a shop that sells little figures of people to put on, but I’ve never seen anything like that. I guess I haven’t looked before though. I am just worried they won’t have one that looks like us, or one with a mage guy and a guy guy (as Hethurin put it), though I guess we could order it if there’s time. We could have just put butterflies or something, I don’t know. And he only wants manaberry cake, I thought it would be good to have different flavors for the different layers, or we could do several small cakes. But manaberry is okay too. I don’t have any idea where I’m going to get blue armor. I guess I need to start having it made if it’s going to be done in time, but I’m worried that it’ll cost a fortune. Gold would be okay too but I’d rather have blue I think.

Anyway, Hethurin is supposed to be going to talk to the priest at the Spire soon. Hopefully he can find out what we need to do, and then we can go and pick up Malwen. I still think her room needs some more kid decorations, like some more dolls or something painted on the wall. I should ask Vaildor if he can do that.


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