[OOC] Cutting Back

I’ve made the decision not to renew my side accounts come July, at the start of Warlords I dropped them all down to three months so I wouldn’t be stuck paying for longer than I wanted to. They’ve just renewed in April, so they have two months play time left. Now, I’m still keeping my main account paid up. That’s the one I’ve had since 2006, and if we’re being honest I’ll probably keep paying that one until they shut the servers down. I’m also keeping my second one, which has my “Horde main” on it. (It also has plenty of lowbie alts to keep me busy for a while.)

Part of my reason for this, and the reason that I wrote on the cancellation form, is that we still can’t fly. Maybe it seems like a petty thing to quit over, but it really does make everything take so much longer. At this point in the expansion, do we need to be barred from flight from the whole continent? I’d be fine with disabling it in Tanaan. No flying means no archaeology, no wild pet battles, no going to scenic places to RP, no fishing. It’s just not fun. My other deal breaker was the garrison focus. I said I’d give it a fair shot, and by the time July rolls around it will have been 8 months. I still don’t like them and I still don’t find them fun, and aside from the new raid, all of the 6.2 content focuses on the garrison. More things for my followers to do isn’t very exciting for me. Not to mention, the only character who’s even maxed their garrison is Ornasse, because they aren’t account wide I just can’t be bothered to invest the time and money into every single alts’ buildings.

As it is right now, I only log in to do three things: RP, do my pet battle daily, and raid. But I only raid on one character, and any alt can do pet battles. Is it really worth $15 a month just for RP? It just doesn’t feel worth it to me right now. With the veteran accounts, I can still log in for RP (admittedly, with restrictions). So I’ve made level 1 versions of my important RP characters to use instead once July rolls around. And who knows, maybe 6.2 will develop into something really interesting, but right now it’s not looking very appealing.


3 Responses to [OOC] Cutting Back

  1. I can understand how you’re feeling about the game right now too because I am feeling pretty much the same way and I have just about made the same decision with mine. I will always keep my main account open, however, all of the others are up for further thought right now. I hope that things change in the near future because I truly have loved the game for ten years.

    • Yeah, I’m still keeping my main. But when I realize what I’m paying for all of them, and how little I actually play, it doesn’t seem like such a good deal anymore. I could buy two games per month on Steam… or doll clothes… haha.

      • LOL I know the feeling on the cost, just realized that I still have four “boosts” that I haven’t even used yet, doesn’t matter, I still put in the brakes and I’ll get back to them later. 😀

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