[OOC] Star Wars Epic Story Event

So right now SWTOR has a special event going where you can level using only your class stories. This is good because the “other stuff” can get a bit monotonous after you’ve done it over and over. The class-specific stories are in my opinion, the best thing about SWTOR! I have to note that this event is for paid accounts only, I always buy the virtual gamecard on the site, which is 60 days for $30, and is not recurring. If your sub expires, you drop down to the free account, which you can still log into and do things like RP, but you’re greatly limited in what you can do. Basically it’s a trial account, similar to WoW’s new Veteran thing. You could play the first few levels for free to see if it’s something you’re interested in, though. There’s no fee for the game itself!

If you have always wanted to be a Jedi or a Sith, here’s your chance! There are two types you can play, either the “warrior” type or a “caster” type. Or if the Force isn’t your thing, you can be a Trooper/Bounty Hunter, or a Smuggler/Imperial Agent. One of my favorite features of the game are the companions. Each class has five unique characters who fight alongside you, and have their own story arcs that tie into yours. Similar to other BioWare games, they also have an approval meter, and they will approve or disapprove based on your choices. Higher approval unlocks more story quests for that companion. You can also give them gifts, certain characters like certain types of gifts more than others. Every class gets a companion of every role: healer, ranged tank, melee tank, ranged DPS, melee DPS, in addition to your ship droid. (Some other companions can be earned later on, but these are the ones everyone gets.) Depending on the class you earn these at different levels, which can sometimes be annoying if you don’t get your healer until level 30-something, for example. Oh yeah, and you can romance some of them! (Same sex romances were sort of added in Makeb, but they aren’t full storylines like the others.) They’ll even send you cute little letters in the mail at the conclusion of your storyline! You gain Light or Dark side points based on your answers and actions during quests. This doesn’t affect too much — there are a few items which require Light or Dark alignment, but not many — but your appearance does change if you’re fully Dark.

Did I mention there’s housing? It’s not totally free-form like some other games, you buy the house and then place and arrange the furniture inside. But it’s still a lot of fun, and you can give friends “keys” so they can visit your house anytime. There are lots of ways to earn housing items such as quests, crafting, and from flashpoints (dungeons). There’s also an armor appearance system including lightsaber crystals to change its color.

Starting next week I’m going to be playing to level up my alts, there’s no account-wide friend system like BattleTag unfortunately so I’ll just list the ones I’ll be leveling instead, if you want someone to quest with or if you get stuck on one or something.

I’m on the Ebon Hawk (RP-Eastern) server!


Kazta – 60 Trooper, my main and favorite 😉 Won’t be leveling her but she can come help if need be.
Zamarra – 50 Jedi Sage
Xarlo –  46 Spacecat Jedi
Tihan – 31 Gunslinger
Kaazta – Might level fake Kazta if there’s time.


Malavar – 59 Sith Assassin
Raanya – 31 Sith Warrior thingy?
Larkspur – 32 Operative
Tirzo – 33 Spacecat Bounty Hunter


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