[Story] Thorns – Into Silvermoon

We’re going to Silvermoon, but we don’t actually have a plan. Nash keeps trying to say that it’s safe, that he knows his way around and there won’t be any problems. But there can always be problems, the ones you plan for and the ones you don’t, and you have to be ready for both. The biggest one is that he’s wanted. I think he needs at least some kind of disguise, it’s better than nothing at all. He seemed embarrassed to admit to it, taking money to kill some people. He said they hadn’t done anything to him, which I guess I can understand. But if somebody wanted them dead enough to pay someone to do it, I figure they had a good reason. It was a little strange though, did he think none of us have done that? I don’t really anymore, mostly because it’s too risky. It’s a lot easier to make money, and there’s a lot less risk of getting thrown into the Stocks, doing what I do now. I know for a fact that Rose has, though I guess Nash probably doesn’t. I’m not sure about Josie. I’d say I don’t think she’s capable of it, but she hides a lot. Maybe she is. Especially after spending more time with all of us.

My other worry is that his leg isn’t completely healed. It’s better, but it’ll still slow him down if he needs to get out of there in a hurry. The healer here said that he shouldn’t strain it, and running away from guards would definitely be a strain. But Nash says it’s okay. Maybe he’s just getting restless here, I know I am a bit. We’re staying in a basement room in one of the buildings, with some dirty old cots that were probably used for people who had the plague or something. At least the food is okay, though I didn’t ask what was in it. There aren’t any farm animals, or even farms, left anywhere near here. Probably better not to know. At least neither of us has got the plague yet, so that’s something. I guess I feel a little homesick, but I didn’t want to admit that. I want the familiar city and my comfortable bed, and to be able to work on my watches without worrying about not having the right tool or losing a piece between the bricks on the floor or something. I tried to talk about it, but I don’t think Nash feels the same way about it. Maybe Silvermoon is what feels like home to him, and he’s eager to see it. I tried talking to him about that too, how it was when I went back to Astranaar, but he’s not really interested in talking most of the time. I guess normally I’m not either, but I just felt like it would have been good. Or maybe it would make him worry more. He wants to see his mother but he’s scared that she would turn him in for the reward. I guess it depends how much the reward is. I imagine there’s more important criminals for the guards to be watching for than a small-time assassin.

I don’t like that I can’t go in. It makes me nervous, and I have no way of knowing if something has gone wrong until much later, and then what am I going to do? I can’t go in after him. Nash suggested that I wait in some damp old cave nearby, by the waterfall. I guess he saw the look on my face because he suggested a ruined building after that. At least then maybe there will be a roof, or part of one. I’m a pretty lousy elf when it comes to being outside and stuff. Humans and dwarves had the right idea when they built things with walls and furnaces and soft, comfortable beds. You wouldn’t think a dwarven bed is comfortable, because it’s made out of stone, but they make a little hollowed out area and fill it with pillows and furs and blankets. I miss Ironforge right now. Anyway, Nash is going to head for the library and see if he can’t find anything about this book. I hope he doesn’t have to talk to anyone, but I don’t see how he’ll find one book in the whole library otherwise. I have a bad feeling, I just hope I’m wrong about it.


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