[Story] Fairsong Academy – Terellion’s Journal

Hethurin brought home a kid from the orphanage the other day. Well, he said it was some kind of special program they had, where people can just keep them for the weekend. But as soon as I started talking to her I knew that I wanted her to stay here. We’d be able to take good care of her, and she’d have her own room and toys and stuff. Can you believe she doesn’t even have her own toys there? Her name is Malwen and she’s seven and a half and lived there her whole life. I think that is so sad. It’s funny because we didn’t even talk about it first, Hethurin was worried that I was going to be upset about it. I wasn’t! I thought it would be a great idea to talk to the Matron and see if Malwen can stay here. I think they should let us adopt her, the only thing is the wedding hasn’t happened yet. But it will be soon! So that should be good enough. I’m a little worried that they might say I’m too young. I mean, I am a little young to have a daughter Malwen’s age, so I asked Hethurin if he could just make me look a little bit older just when we go to talk to the Matron. Or maybe I could grow my beard, it’s not very long though. Anyway I don’t think I could grow it that much in two days.

Babies are really cute, but it’s nice that Malwen can say what she likes. For example, her favorite color is blue so on the first night she had dinner here, I made a cake with blue flowers on it. We also took her to the city to get some new dresses, and I took her to the store where I got dolls for my sisters sometimes. It’s the best doll store that I know of. Malwen was a little worried that she’d have to share her doll with the other kids, so we said she could leave it here if she wanted, until she’s able to come back. That’s assuming she is able to come back. I don’t know what will happen if she can’t. I know I’ll be really sad, and I’m sure she would be too. I think she liked staying here. She had the room with blue walls, and we said she could change the curtains or blankets if she wanted, but she said it was okay. But it’s still not really a kids’ room, so maybe it needs something different. I’m glad Hethurin didn’t put her in any rooms with ghosts, he should probably warn her about that.

We’re supposed to go to the Faire tonight, Malwen seems excited because she says she’s never been. We told her about all the weird food! I hope it didn’t scare her too much, most of it is good. I think she’ll love all the rides too. I hope she doesn’t cry when we have to go back. I hope I don’t cry. I’m really scared that they will say we’re not allowed to adopt her, and then what? Maybe Hethurin could go into another time and get her or something. We’ll have to make a plan for if that happens.

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