[Story] The Ghostclaw – Linarelle’s Journal

Dinner at the school was perfect. I think Tik made us something special, so we wouldn’t have to eat fish. There’s nothing wrong with fish at all, it’s just that they eat it practically every night there because the Magister goes fishing so often. It was a delicious roast bird, the skin was coated with herbs and it was crunchy. Certainly a lot better than bat stew! Not that there’s anything wrong with bat stew, either — the food here is actually better than most of what I got in my old unit, and absolutely better than Kalimdor. But it’s sort of boring, and this was so fancy. There were vegetables with herbs too, and pasta. Sunashe actually had some wine! He doesn’t usually, but he said it was a special occasion, which of course it was. Afterward we had this very thin and rich chocolate cake with a chocolate layer on top. I almost wish we lived a little closer so we could eat here all the time. I’ll have to pester Orledin to make more cakes, I don’t think he would mind.

We had a different room this time, I was a little worried that Sunashe didn’t like it. It looked out over the forest, rather than the lake, but it was fine. Everything is so fancy! I tried to get ideas for our cabin, but everything in that room must have cost a fortune. We will have to go soon, though, the cabins are coming together quickly now that the basic structure has been put up. There are only two of them, so the workers will be finished before too long as long as it stays dry. I suggested that we could plant flower bushes around the outside, I think that would look nice. Sunashe said there are roses with two different colors on them, wouldn’t that be something! I’m not sure where to buy live rose bushes, but he must know because he got one before. Mine should be blooming any day now. I feel bad about it, because I didn’t really appreciate it then. I was still upset about Gael and Aeramin, and in all honesty, I didn’t know Sunashe very well at all. I was still mourning what could have been, and I probably only agreed to see him because I didn’t see any other options. That’s certainly not the case now, and I’m thankful that he didn’t give up too easily. The evening is so nice, I thought about what it will be like spending all of them together — not nearly as fancy of course, but it’ll be our own home. I was a little nervous about the idea at first but now I can’t wait.

He brought all sorts of bath things too, fancy soaps and salts and oils. I felt very spoiled! Earlier we talked about maybe trying to appeal to the Spire for my father’s estate. I am still not really sure how to go about that, or whether Aeramin’s human has even found anything. I’d rather not have to deal with him, but I don’t see any other option. I already know how Im feels about it, though he might change his mind if we actually win it. It’s fun to imagine having that much money, though I don’t even know how much it is exactly. What if it’s fifty thousand gold, wouldn’t that be funny? I could buy Sunashe anything he wanted, although I know all he’s asked for is a stable. I want to go back to Shattrath soon to try to get his lizard. I’m afraid that the draenei has already sold it, or worse. Sunashe asked if draenei eat lizards, that was my worry too. He said he wouldn’t want a different one, which I can kind of understand, but it’s my fault that Blinky is gone. I need to make it right, if that means getting a new one, then I will. He says he’d rather have me, but this way he can have both, it’s not as if I ever said he had to choose. Though I guess he thinks I did. I know how happy Blinky made him and I don’t know if he’d ever get over losing him. So we have to try.


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