[Story] Feathermoon

Risarra walked among the stalls in the Feathermoon market, her little bag slung over her shoulder carrying the things she’d bought already today. It was the biggest market she’d ever been to, larger even than the one in Darnassus, and certainly bigger than Astranaar’s. The newly constructed Feathermoon was perched right on the ocean, and traders could more easily come from faraway places to sell their goods. On top of that, there were lots of sentinels ready to spend their coins here. Risarra had already visited the barracks, which were enormous and had two floors, and the training areas, which had targets for shooting arrows, in addition to wooden dummies and even un-bladed glaives to practice firing. She desperately wanted to try one of those, but had been too shy to ask. All of the stories she’d heard about the place paled in comparison to actually seeing it. She couldn’t wait to tell Avanniel and Zhyra back home. She hadn’t completely given up the idea of asking for a transfer here, though she’d have to leave her friends behind. It was something she would have to think on.

She paused to look over an assortment of knives and daggers, gleaming brilliantly in the evening light. They were beautiful, but Risarra didn’t have enough money left to buy one of them. She rarely used the dagger she owned now anyway, but that didn’t keep her from wanting one of these. Tucked within the sack over her shoulder were her other purchases of the day: two books, a vial of perfume, a paper bag of candies, and a pair of earrings set with green gems. She wasn’t sure exactly what kind of stone they were, but she liked the way that they caught the color of her hair. She’d almost bought a little bear statue, cast in metal, but had finally passed by the table. Bear hadn’t been interested in the market at all. He said he could have just made everything there, which obviously wasn’t true, but Risarra wasn’t going to force the issue. He had some strange aversion to towns — even towns as small as Astranaar. Risarra wondered if maybe he really was a criminal, and he avoided them for fear of being recognized. If that was true, he hadn’t tried to rob or kill her yet. In fact he hadn’t tried to do anything at all. Right now he was probably back at the camp, doing who knows what, or perhaps he’d gone out to look for bears. She wasn’t sure what would be different about the bears here versus the bears back at home, but Bear wanted to see them anyway. It was confusing. Back at his camp by the lake he’d seemed eager to go, but maybe she’d misread him. It had certainly happened before. She would tell Avanniel and Zhyra exactly what had happened – nothing at all.

Maybe he would be more interested in seeing the ruins, there wouldn’t be any alive people at those, at any rate.


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