[Story] Ordinicus’s Journal

Hethurin stopped by the other night during dinner, which was a little unusual. We both expected it would be Aeramin, even though he wasn’t due for another day or so. Or Arancon, because he visits more often. Before I could ask anything, he showed me his ring. It is a nice ring, it must have cost a fortune. I’m not sure if I can afford one quite that good, but it’s starting to be the busy season and I’ve been saving up for a while, so I should get a lot soon. But babies are expensive, so I’m spending more too. Luckily there are lots of people willing to give us things for her. Anyway, I asked if everything was okay — as I said, it’s a little unusual for him to be visiting.

Hethurin wanted to hold her, which was fine. He’s had a lot of experience with Rylad, so I wasn’t too worried. I just wanted to make sure Lyorri was dry first, because I didn’t want his robes to get ruined. They’re so fancy, I can’t believe he wears those just walking around outside. Well, I guess he probably doesn’t walk that much, being a mage. He talked about how he saw Lyorri in one of his future visions, and she was a student there at the school. It would be exciting if she does  become a mage. Of course she can do whatever makes her happy, we wouldn’t want to push her into anything. I just hope she stays away from the sort of studying that Kes does, but knowing kids she’ll probably be extra interested if she’s not supposed to. Or maybe she could join the rangers! It’s fun to think about what she might be like when she’s older. I just hope she’s not too confused about her father. At one point Hethurin said that her father is a mage, which was a little strange, because by now I think I’m her father. It’s not that Aeramin doesn’t come to visit, but I’m the one who is here every day feeding her and washing her and stuff.

The big thing that Hethurin wanted to talk about was the wedding, of course. He wanted to tell us the right colors so that we all match. Thankfully there aren’t any prescribed outfits, he just said they have to be the right shade of blue. Hopefully I can manage that. He’s worried that Lyorri might cry during, but there’s really nothing we can do about that. If he really doesn’t want babies to cry during the wedding, there should be a place where we can take them if they start. The other big thing he wanted to talk about was the houses on the school grounds. Since we’re working on fixing the others up, he wanted to know if we’d like to move into a larger one, so we’d have more room. He said there’s one about twice as large, with three bedrooms. Kes was very excited about the idea, I know she’d like a room for all her books and things. I agreed to it, though I wonder if we might not want one more room, I mean, if Lyorri ever wants a brother or sister. I guess they could share, but at least Kes will have her study this way. I feel it’s a bit early to bring it up, though I’m sure she’s probably thought about it. Terellion’s mother and sisters will be taking one of the others. Hethurin was asking me what his mother might like to do for fun. I don’t know? Kes wisely suggested that he ask her directly.

I’m going to build a litle house for Harkin, too. Similar to one for dogs, but a little larger, just something to keep him out of the sun when it’s hot, and the rain. I feel a little bad that he has to spend so much time outside now.


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