[Story] Imralion’s Journal

I guess I’m the one doing all the work for planning Hethurin’s party. I guess I don’t mind too much, but it’s a little weird planning a party for Aeramin’s ex. He said it’s because he’s Hethurin’s friend, which is okay, it doesn’t bother me, I just don’t understand why he doesn’t have any other friends who could help out. What about the other teachers, or the rangers? I know Berwick and Xyliah live nearby, they could help too — and Xyliah used to be married to Hethurin so she’d probably know what kind of party he would or wouldn’t like.

I had to ask Orledin about the cake. I kind of did mind that because it was so awkward, which is I guess why Aeramin sent me instead. I was just waiting for him to make some kind of comment, but thankfully he didn’t. Then I had to describe exactly what kind of cake Aeramin had in mind, which was funny when we first discussed it but less funny when you have to actually ask someone for it. Out loud. Thankfully none of the girls were in the room, but Ty was there. I could tell he was about to burst out laughing. And then Orledin suggested the cream filling. And the cupcakes. I wanted to die of embarrassment, but hopefully everyone at the party will at least find it funny. Aeramin said he’s going to find a dancer, because he knows of some. Not sure if I should be worried about that or not. I had to go pick up decorations and prizes from that one store, the one with the curtains. There are a surprising number of games that involve that part of the body. Of course, most of them are supposed to be for womens’ parties, Lin is the one who told me about the one with the blindfold anyway. Fortunately the workers didn’t make any comments and just took my money.

Arancon had said that it was really urgent that I talk to Aeramin, and it was something really important, but he hasn’t brought up anything at all. I’m not sure if Arancon was just wrong, or Aeramin is just avoiding the subject for whatever reason. I think it’s probably the second, but I also don’t want to push it if it’s uncomfortable. Things are starting to sort of get back to normal and I don’t want to be the one to break everything again. I’m sure Aeramin probably feels the same. I might have pried a little, but Kes was over, and I don’t want to argue in front of her. If it’s that he wants to get married too, I am not sure what I feel about that. Arancon said that Aeramin feels he chose me over Lyorri, which I don’t want. Family is supposed to be the most important thing, and he should be part of her life. I don’t know what’s going to happen between him and I, but he’ll always have her.

I don’t know if Lin has planned anything for her wedding yet. Knowing lizard guy, they’ll probably just release a bunch of tiny lizards all over and hand them out to the guests. It’s going to be the weirdest wedding ever.

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