[Story] Thorns – Into Scholomance

Nash and I went to find the old book at the abandoned school. This report is mostly for myself, I’ve not received any letters back from Rose yet. She knows where we are, but maybe she’s too busy doing whatever it is people do in Outland — well, the other Outland. I guess it’s more dangerous than most places, it’s not a proper town yet. They could have been attacked by alligators or Light only knows what lives out there.

All told, it went okay. There were some skeletons, but I expected that. They were still animated, but it almost seemed as if the spell was starting to wear off, they didn’t move very quickly and some of them just sort of jittered around. (Which was disturbing.) Worse than that were the bugs, though. I don’t like bugs. Any book or thing I picked up, bugs would scurry out from underneath or behind it, and some of them were big. Really big. Like bigger than my hand. No thanks. At least in the city, the creepy crawlies are mostly underground. We covered our face with cloth to keep the dust out, which was a good call, some of the dust was so thick it looked like snow covering everything. Supposedly the school did all kinds of dark magic, I can believe it based on some of the weird stuff we saw. There were the remains of magic circles on the floor, I didn’t dare go near those in case they still worked. Weird little collections of things in jars, I’m pretty sure some of them were body parts. And one thing that I’m pretty sure was an altar of some kind, it had melted candles and bones and I think what were once herbs at some point. It does make me wonder what became of all these people. I’m sure they’re not all dead, some of them must be out there somewhere. Are they in the city, still making weird stuff like this? It’s possible. It makes me feel a little uneasy just thinking about it.

We did find the book. Unfortunately, the condition is really bad. It got wet at some point, so a lot of the pages are badly blurred, and others have been torn. It looks like some are missing, too. Which again makes me wonder if someone had already got to it before we did. What if that section was the part that mage needed? We took it anyway, maybe we’ll be able to at least get something for it. He’ll probably tell us there’s another copy somewhere. Probably in Silvermoon, with the other one. It wasn’t a total loss though. I was able to find a few hidden compartments in the walls. Old buildings are great for that. Most of it was junk, though there was some jewelry in one of them. Nothing really valuable, but it’s better than nothing. Again, why would someone leave that behind?

Nash tore his leg pretty badly on the way out. We had to go in and out through one of the upper windows, which at one point had iron bars on them. (Nice school, right?) He got caught on one of them, and it was bleeding like crazy. We wrapped it with some cloth but he’s going to need someone to look at it when we get to the chapel. The last thing we need is him dying of infection or something. Luckily he could still walk, otherwise I would have had to carry him and that would have been difficult. It can’t hurt to see the healer myself, who knows what kind of diseases we were exposed to in there. Of course we’ll have to make up a story other than digging around in the ruins of a necromancy school. Maybe we were picking herbs or something. Once Nash’s leg is better, we’ll have to make a plan for getting into Silvermoon. He can’t afford to be injured for that, it’s dangerous enough as it is.


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