[Story] Ashenvale – Risarra’s Journal

I talked to the others about going to see Bear finally. It’s like we’d sort of avoided the subject, not on purpose but there were so many other things going on that it seemed less important. Which sounds like an awful thing to say, but I know they’re able to take care of themselves out there or they wouldn’t have lived this long. They prefer it away from town anyway, they left the moment they were able. I don’t think it’s bad here at all, it’s not a big city like Darnassus, and I’d much rather sleep in my bunk than in a damp old cave. Yes it’s true that people stared a little, but they have to understand that we don’t see many men here, and they were a little odd. I think people would have stared even if they were women, because of how odd they were. But maybe not, I don’t know. And they are nice to look at, I’ll admit that much.

Avanniel and Zhyra both thought I should take some dumplings to Bear to see if he wanted them. I figured he might be away from his camp, so Avanniel said I could just leave them there. Except I’m sure that one of his bears would eat them right away. She suggested I put them inside a jar, except I’m sure that a bear could get into a jar without any trouble at all. I was also worried that he might be asleep or bathing or something, that would be really awkward. But when I went up the hill to his camp, he was sitting there like he knew that I was coming. I brought a whole bundle of warm dumplings made fresh, and a jug of moonberry juice. It’s not the sparkling kind, that’s for holidays, but it was still fresh. It was still pretty awkward. I asked why he hadn’t come into town at all, even if not to visit he’d probably need supplies. He just kept saying how much he hates the town. But he also said he’d been waiting for me to visit. I’m not sure what to think about that. I think if he wanted to visit so much he could have written a letter or, like I said, come to the town. He wouldn’t have had to stay for very long. I don’t think I’m going to be able to coax him into that, though. He hasn’t been to visit Nimrathis, so I don’t know if he’s okay or not. Zhyra planned to go and find him, he hasn’t come to the town either. Avanniel wondered where their families are. They must not be around here, or they’d surely not let them live out in caves like that. Don’t they even see them on holidays? That’s so strange.

He asked a little about what happened in Orgrimmar. I wasn’t there, so I only know what I’ve heard from the others. I know that some sentinels died, and I know that the humans decided not to sack the city. That’s really stupid if you ask me. Now they’re just going to come back again, and now wanting revenge. You can’t show mercy to an orc because it doesn’t understand the concept.

Bear also asked if I’d been to Feralas. I said I hadn’t, to be honest I thought he’d forgotten about it. Sometimes we forget about things and people if they aren’t very important to us, and I thought I was one of those things. Maybe not, and I don’t know what to think about that. I did promise that I’d ask the Captain about going. I don’t think I’ll mention the fact that Bear is going, even just as a friend, because I know what everyone would think. I’ll just pretend that I’m going by myself, with Torvir. That’s not strange at all, people go on trips alone all the time. If he dislikes Astranaar, I hate to see what he’ll think of Feathermoon. I definitely want to go there, I guess he can stay at the camp or something. I’ll need to get my things together. Feralas is very wet so I’ll need to make sure everything is water proofed.


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