[Story] Ordinicus’s Journal

Aeramin came by to see Lyorri, he’s been a bit better about it. But her grandfather is still there a lot more often, you can tell he just loves spending time with her. He always brings things too, at first just milk when she was tiny, but now he’s starting to get her clothes and things too. She even has three pairs of shoes. She can’t even walk yet, but she has shoes. I guess she’ll be ready when she can. She also has a whole pile of toys, she’s a little interested in those but mostly she just grabs them and drools on them. Aeramin did say that he’s getting a little more attached, but that seems like such an odd thing to say about your own child. We talked about it, a little. He’s not sure if he did the right thing or not. Personally, I’m not sure if he did. I feel like she’s going to be really confused and have a lot of questions when she is older, especially once she starts talking to kids with “normal” families at the school. Obviously I didn’t say that, because Kes is so happy, and I think Lyorri is happy too. But like him, I can’t help wondering if it was the right choice. I’m doing the best that I can though, I’ve already got a lot better at things like diapers and making bottles. I know how to hold her the right way and I can usually tell what she wants by how she is crying — there’s different cries for different things. Kes will even leave me alone with her sometimes, if that’s not proof she trusts me, I don’t know what is. It was scary at first but it’s not so bad once you get used to it. Aeramin said he wasn’t prepared for having her, but honestly I don’t think anyone really is, are they? Regular parents have to learn everything too.

Then he told us that Hethurin is getting married soon. I’m happy for him, and that means there will be the best party ever up at the school. But it also means that I can’t really talk to Kes about it right now, otherwise hers would be forgotten in the shadow of Hethurin’s. I mean, we could go to the Spire and just record it without having the big party, but I’m pretty sure she wouldn’t like that. I think she wants to have the big party and dress and spinach rolls. Maybe in the autumn, hopefully no one else will be getting married then. I don’t want to wait too long because Lyorri is getting older. Aeramin didn’t want to be in it, because he said Hethurin would fuss too much and make sure he had a matching outfit. That worried me a little, because if he wants us to all get matching clothes he’d better give enough advance notice. He seems like the kind of person who might make all the guests match. I think that’s not the real reason he doesn’t want to, but that’s not really my business. Still, I think it’s possible to be friends with someone you’re no longer together with. Oh, and he has to go to the rangers to ask for a cake shaped like a …. you know. I might have to say Lyorri is sick that day or something, because I definitely don’t want to eat a cake that looks like that. Even if it is “just cake”, as Aeramin says. That’s a little weird.


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