[OOC] 6.2 Thoughts

I guess I haven’t posted about OOC stuff here for a while, it’s mostly gone on my Tumblr because their updating page is a little less convoluted. (Especially since I can’t revert back to the old one anymore, thanks WordPress).

I finished the next step of the Legendary ring quest, and got my “Legendary” follower. Can you hear the air quotes? Her ability is an increased success rate for all missions, which are usually 100% anyway since I have gobs of epic 660 followers, so it’s a complete waste. That and I’m still salty about being given yet another orc as Alliance, not to mention one who assassinated one of our kings. I really don’t understand why we couldn’t get, say, Cordana Felsong (the night elf Warden, who’s been with us since we arrived on Draenor). The quest could even be the same. I can’t think of one single reason other than somebody at Blizzard really thinks everybody is just gaga about orcs.

This morning I finally finished the Draenor pet battling achievement, which means I can now upgrade all my Menangeries to level 3. I’ve been doing the daily for the little level tokens, because I loathe pet leveling. I guess at level 3, you have a chance to get some pets too.

As for the 6.2 notes, I’m happy about a demon-themed raid, but I don’t really feel like it addresses my main problems with the game. For one thing, there’s still no flying. We’re supposed to get dailies, but at present it doesn’t look like they will give faction rep, which is something I really want. There is no way I’m going to sit there and mindlessly kill mobs for hours. Shipyards are another thing that nobody asked for, and yet more content for our followers. I mean, unless there are actually naval quests where you go out on a ship, it’s just going to be another click menu that you send your followers out to do. That’s hardly exciting gameplay, to me. Once your shipyard is built, is there any reason to leave your garrison, still? Not really.

Mythic dungeons don’t really appeal to me, I haven’t even done Challenge Modes yet this time around, because the rewards aren’t as cool, in my opinion. The weapons are sorta okay, but the only one I really like is the hunter one. The mount is… weird, frankly.

The legendary quest is still way too long and not very compelling. At least the cloak quest had some fun parts, and I really enjoyed the interaction with Wrathion. I mean, I like Khadgar, but this time around it just feels lacking somehow. I haven’t even started it on any of my alts, and unless there’s some really amazing visual effect at the final stage, I doubt I will. I got a couple of the cloaks just for looks alone.


2 Responses to [OOC] 6.2 Thoughts

  1. I have to agree that some of the stuff in Draenor can be kind of mind-numbing although I haven’t gotten as far along with things like you have. 6.2 looks promising, however, since it just hit the PTR , it will be a while before we see what actually makes it into the game – I want to go on the adventures with my followers, they are having way more fun.

  2. Yeah, that would be a way better system. I really like how SWTOR does their followers, you get a tank, healer, melee dps, ranged dps, etc. and they have storylines that you go along with them. You can also rez them in the field (no hour long cooldown) and you can swap between them.

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