[Story] Imralion’s Journal

I went to talk to that one-legged ranger, he probably thinks I’m a jerk now but I don’t really care. I care about my sister being happy, and I’m still not totally sure if he can do that. He didn’t make the greatest impression when he told me he didn’t even know if Lin was back from patrol yet. How could you not know that? Aeramin tells me if he’s going to be really late, otherwise I know when he should be back. The ranger said it varied, well okay, but you could check or something. It’s like he didn’t even care where she was. I confronted him about disappearing to Shattrath, but he said it was because he thought she didn’t want to be together. Like I told Lin, he needs to talk to her about it then instead of just disappearing. There’s no way a couple can work out a problem if one of them isn’t there. Is he just going to leave if they have an argument again? He said he wouldn’t, but I’m not sure if I believe that.

Then I asked how he was going to take care of her and whether they could even have a family or not. First he said that Lin doesn’t need taking care of, which isn’t really true. She acts tough but I know she really wants someone to care about her, besides me because I’m her brother and I don’t really count. I guess I mean more emotionally, but physically too — there’s no avoiding that he’s missing a leg and probably can’t get around as well as most people. I could tell he was getting annoyed with me but like I said, I’m willing to have him mad at me if it means Lin is happy. I asked about the kid thing, then he took off his leg and said something rude. I’m just glad he didn’t show me anything else. Then he asked if Lin is even able to have kids. What a jerk. This isn’t about her, it’s about him. He also kept trying to turn things around on me, making little remarks about Aeramin. Like when I asked about where they were going to live (the cabin they’re building) and if they needed to add onto it later. The ranger guy said that Aeramin and I should add on a room for Lyorri when she’s older, and something about how she’s going to hate him. I actually agree with him on that, but we’re not even talking about me and Aeramin. I know he’s not perfect and we sometimes have problems, but that’s completely beside the point. Plus, we’re not getting married, that’s a big step. Oh, I also asked if he even knew anything about women and he said he was engaged before. He claimed it wasn’t arranged, but I don’t know. I bet even I know more about girls than he does.

I said I didn’t think they’d been together long enough, and all he could say was that he loves her. I hope that’s really true. I didn’t come to talk him out of it or anything, I know better than to think that would actually work, but hopefully he’ll at least think before doing something stupid like disappearing again. Hopefully he knows I’ll notice and say something about it at the very least. She’s my only family, I have to look out for her. I told Aeramin about it when I got home, then I told him I wanted some warm rocks too. He thought that was pretty funny.


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