[Story] The Ghostclaw – Linarelle’s Journal

Sunashe gave me the ring. Well actually, Tik gave it to me. I was out practicing and he gave it to me, saying that he had something that belonged to me. At first I was shocked, it was obviously very expensive and there had to be a mistake, I didn’t own any ring that fancy. But he pointed out that it was engraved on the inside, and unless there’s another Linarelle out here, it’s definitely mine. Or was supposed to be mine. Sunashe had mentioned that he got a ring, but I thought this one was way too expensive to be the same one. And why was it in the river? Because he’d thrown it there before he left, of course, when he never wanted to see me again. But then another idea occurred to me — who else lives around here who might buy me a ring and then throw it away? I couldn’t remember the ring that Keyalenn had bought, but I figured this might be it. I admit that part of me wanted to keep it anyway, because it was so pretty. If he’d thrown it away, would he ever know? But he was actually kind to me at the dance, when he didn’t have to be. He could have laughed or tried to take advantage, but he didn’t. I think he still wished that I’d accepted, but he seemed to have grown up about it a little bit. So I couldn’t do that to him. I thanked Tik and told him that I’d ask Sunashe about it.

I asked if he had lost anything recently and I could tell from his expression that he had. I explained that Tik had found it inside of a fish that had been caught by the Magister at the school, at the river here. Sunashe told me he’d been diving in that river looking for it every day. I guess I can’t understand why he’d throw it away and then go try to get it back, but maybe I can. He said he had to borrow some money to buy it. I wish he wouldn’t do that, I mean, of course I appreciate it, but I don’t need fancy rings and things like that in order to be happy. I just need to know that he loves me and isn’t going to disappear. So then I tried to give it back, and he said I’m supposed to keep it. Which was awkward, because I thought it was supposed to be a ring that meant something, but maybe it wasn’t? So I had to ask, and he said it was supposed to be, but he wasn’t sure if I would accept it. I said I would, but only if he asked properly, which he did. It probably wasn’t as romantic as it should have been, but I didn’t mind. He had originally planned to bring it to the ball, before everything got messed up. I thought the practice targets were a good enough place, but he is planning a romantic dinner, probably at the school.

Of course I had to go and show Im. He said that he’s going to have to talk to Sunashe, as if I need his approval or something. I don’t, but maybe he’s just going to get to know him better. I guess they will be brothers, after all. In a way I guess that would make Aeramin my brother too, wouldn’t it? They aren’t married, but they have been together for a while. I asked if they are going to, and Im said he doesn’t know. I also asked about the baby, which I don’t think Im liked much, but he said it was going okay. He still doesn’t seem very interested in getting to know her. I think he should, but it’s easy for me to say that when I’m not in his situation. I guess I wouldn’t either. Sunashe and I talked about kids, a little. He says he wants them one day, I guess I do too. It’s not something I gave a lot of thought to, I never really imagined that I would actually find someone who wanted to settle down. I do think it’s sad they’ll never have grandparents to spoil them, but Sunashe pointed out that they would have a lot of ranger aunts and uncles. That made me feel a little better. I don’t think I want a big fancy wedding, having it at the ranger building would be nice though. I guess I am going to have to plan it now! We should wait until after the Magister’s though, because technically they were first. Also because I want to be able to dance at that one.


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